This page shows both trophies, tournament winners and club session winners.

  • Winners and trophies from tournaments including Thursday tournaments
  • Winners of club trophies
  • Winners of Points trophies awarded annually

Have a read of the delighful Diamond Jubilee 1931-1991, a short history of the Club written by member Marie Rice.

  • Missing and archives trophies
    Do you know where these are now? Adams Cup, Akarana Cup, Helen Blythe Salver, Richards Cup. Please contact Janet Barnard.
  • Colbeck Trophy
    This trophy was donated in 1999 to commemorate The Americas Cup. Competed for in the Waitangi Day Tournament.
  • Bruce Bell Salver
    Bruce Bell Salver donated in 1974 and awarded to the top mens pair at the Bell Taylor Pairs played early each year.
  • Eileen Taylor Salver
    Donated in 1974 for an open tournament in February, the Bell Taylor Pairs. It is awarded to the top womens pair.
  • Easter Congress 10A Pairs
    Previous Winners
  • Ailsa Hollis Salver
    Played for at the Easter Congress Intermediate/Junior Pairs 5B Tournament. Ailsa Hollis joined the Auckland Bridge Club in the late 1940's. She was an outstanding player and a very popular teacher. She was also a chess representative for New Zealand in Australia and at the Israeli Olympiad. Her last game at the ABC was in 1996, and she came first.
  • Easter Congress 10A Teams
    Previous Winners
  • Anzac Salver
    Donated 1975. Open Tournament played around on Anzac Day.
  • Eric Tonks Cup (QB)
    10A Congress Pairs held in Queen's Birthday weekend. Trophy donated 1961.
  • Traude Leitl Junior Salver (QB)
    This salver is awarded to the top Junior Team or Pair at the Queen's Birthday Congress. It was presented by Robert Leitl in memory of his wife who played on Wednesday nights.
  • Hubber Intermediate Teams Salver (QB)
    Tournament. Donated 2003, Congress Played at Queens Birthday weekend Top Intermediate team.
  • West End Salver (QB)
    This salver is awarded to the top pair in the 5A Walk-in Pairs at the Queen's Birthday Congress usually played in June. The Salver was donated by the West End Club that played in Westmere, and closed in 1999. Previously the salver was awarded by the Northern Contract Bridge Club .
  • Billie Tohill Cup
    A 3A pairs tournament held on a Saturday in August at the same time as the Intermediate 5B Tudor Biggs Rose Bowl.
  • Tudor Biggs Rose Bowl
    Tudor Biggs Rose Bowl 5B for Intermediates donated in 2003. Played in conjunction with the Billie Tohill tournament, usually in August.
  • Traude Leitl Junior Cup
    Awarded to the winning Junior Pair at the Tudor Rosebowl Tournament played in August.
  • Wes Dodd Cup
    Donated 1965 by Mrs Simpson. 5A Saturday tournament held in November
  • Corbans Salver
    Played for at the first Thursday Tournament of the year
  • June Thursday 8B - the Lesley Porter Salver
    Trophy donated in 1995 by Bruce Porter for Ladies bridge. A Thursday competition usually played in June. Lesley was a Wednesday and Friday daytime player. A feisty woman, with great integrity.
  • July Thursday 8B Tournament
    Previous Winners
    Swiss Pairs
  • October Thursday 8B Tournament
    Previous Winners
    Teams Competition
  • Colbeck Cup
    The best individual score over six Thursday Tournaments. Trophy donated 1937.
  • Jubilee Cup
    Monday AM. Donated 1982 Championship Pairs (Honours Board).
  • Westchester Shield
    Tuesday Evening. Four session tournament.
  • Championship pairs for Section 1 on Tuesday. Played May or June.

    Cup is missing.
  • Bennett Cup
    Wednesday PM, donated 2007, Section 1 Championship Pairs (Honours Board). Mrs Bennett was the president in 1932 - currently played in March
  • Warren Cup
    Thursday PM. New cup dated 1991 Championship Pairs (Honours' Board). Also known as Warren and Williams Cup. Usually played in March.
  • Pauline Weatherby Salver
    Wednesday PM. Trophy donated in 1994 by Pauline Weatherby, a former Club Secretary. Currently played in April.
  • Topia Tankard
    Monday AM. Donated 1990 by Neal Topia, President 1988-89.Was played in May but moved to November
  • Katherine Sayers Salver
    Friday PM. Played in June/ July. The salver was donated by Peter Sayers in 2008 in memory of Katherine who was a staunch supporter of the club and was made a Life Member in 1995. - Current competition in June
  • Hunter Cup
    Friday AM donated in 1997. Section 1 Championship. Usually competed in April - May.
  • Shackleford Cup
    Thursday PM. Donated 1991 H W Shackleford was president in 1951/53 and was made Life Member in 1947. Event usually played in July.
  • Donated in 2008 by Helen's family, a 3 or 4 session tournament on Friday afternoon. Helen was a popular member and player on Wednesday and Friday am sessions. Currently played July - August.
  • Heighway Cup
    Friday PM. Championship pairs, Honours Board. Current competition is in September. Nora Heighway married AE (Ted) Heighway, came to NZ from France and lived in Arney Cres, Remuera. She loved her bridge and when not at bridge created beautiful tapestries.
  • Morgan Cup
    Wednesday AM. Donated 1948. Championship pairs section 1 (Honours Board).
    The young club was in financial difficulties, Mr Polly Morgan took over as secretary. Currently played October - November.
  • Malcolm Sims Tankard
    Friday AM, a six session tournament usually held in September, awarded to top pair in Section 2. Donated in 2008 by Roma Sims, a long term member of the Club, in commemoration of her son Malcolm who was an talented player, all round sportsman and character who passed away at the age of 50.
  • Pascoe Cup
    A five session open tournament for Thursday PM - Currently played in August.
  • Caddy Cup
    This is a Swiss pairs 6 session tournament in section 1 Tuesday PM.
    Miss Caddy was one of the early members of the club and served as almoner for many years. Currently played in November.
  • Filler Cup
    President's Pairs Section 2. Tuesday PM. Ruth presented the Filler Cup to the club in honour of her husband Sol, a lover of life, family, bridge and sports.
  • Joan McCowan Cup
    Wednesday PM donated 1980. 5/6 session tournament held in November.
  • Indian Bridge Federation Salver
    Friday AM. 3 session tournament, Spring pairs section 1. This salver was presented to the club in 2000 by Mr Pillai of Hydrabad, he played at our Club for several months and enjoyed his time with us. He donated the salver on behalf of the Indian Bridge Federation to promote good will between the countries.
  • Janet Barnard Rose Bowl
    Friday PM. Championship Teams. Donated in 1991 by Mrs Janet Barnard to encourage teams events at the Club. Janet was Club President 1990-91 and elected a Life Member in 2001, and enjoys her bridge! Current competition is in November.
  • Auckland Cup
    Thursday PM. Donated 1940, five session open tournament usually played November/December.
  • Connie Bell Cup
    Individual Points Trophy for Monday AM. Trophy donated in 1981.
  • Irma Sayeagh Cup
    Ladies points trophy for Tuesday PM. Trophy donated in 1960.
  • Rothschild Cup
    Individual Men's points trophy for Tuesday PM, Section 1. The Trophy was donated in 1955. Eric Rothschild left Germany to arrive in New Zealand in 1939. He lived in Symonds St Auckland where he had a fancy goods shop opposite Khyber Pass. An excellent bridge player and uncle of Ruth Filler (see Filler Cup.) He passed away in l956.
  • Morris Trophy
    Individual points trophy for Wednesday AM. Open Points Trophy donated in 1964.
  • Jalfon Salver
    Individual points trophy for Wednesday PM. FJ Jalfon was president in 1974/75 and was made a Life Member in 1971.
  • Heighway Trophy (Ladies)
    Ladies Points Trophy for Thursday PM. Nora Heighway married AE (Ted) Heighway, came to NZ from France and lived in Arney Cres, Remuera. She loved her bridge and when not at bridge created beautiful tapestries.
  • Morgan Memorial Cup
    Men's Points trophy for Thursday PM. Donated 1967.
  • Albert Stern Cup
    Individual Points Trophy for Friday AM, Section 2. Albert was an avid Bridge player and was a competitive player at the age of 100! Donated 1993 by his son Gordon.
  • Ivy Williams Memorial Cup
    Individual Points Trophy for Friday AM, Section 1. Donated 1986.
  • Williams Memorial Salver
    Individual Points trophy for Friday PM.
  • Miss Coutts Rosebowl
    A novice trophy played for on Thursday AM. Miss Coutts was a very popular director and managed to keep the room quiet with a small bell and a quiet voice. She was made a Life Member in 1946.
  • Elsie Hubber Novices Salver
    A three session novices tournament on Monday PM. This salver was donated in 1995. Elsie Hubber played at the club in the 1950's when it was at Airdale Street. She taught bridge and was a benefactor of the club.
  • Traude Leitl Novice Salver
    A three session tournament for novices on Monday PM. This salver was donated by Robert Leitl in memory of his wife who played on Wednesday night.
  • Ashwell Cup
    For most improved novice from Monday evening.
  • Ann Weatherston Salver
    For encouraging Wednesday evening players