Improvers are players who have completed the beginner’s lessons and have played enough to have mastered those basic tenets. Intermediates are those players who have added and fine tuned some of the bidding agreements and are looking to develop skills and agreements as they look to play at a higher level as well as junior and intermediate tournaments.


Teaching Materials-Improvers

Teaching Materials - Intermediate


Improver and Intermediate lessons are run monthly March to September every year. The cost is $25 (discounted to $20 for AKBC members) per session.

Revision of basic lessons is held on the Monday PM (7.00PM) and Thursday AM (9.30AM) sessions in the same month prior to these classes. Attendees are expected to have the base knowledge provided by the earlier lesson before advancing.

Improvers lessons are held before the relevant intermediate lesson so knowledge can be revised before attending the more advanced class.  Contact the Club if you have any questions and/or wish to enrol. 





Members are requested to actively encourage friends and relations to join these classes and learn to play bridge.  Please let the manager know if people would like lessons on a different night or during the day. Notices are available from the Office.