Nov 2022

Ladder for 1 Nov 2022 to 30 Nov 2022

Online statistics for 1 Nov 2022 to 30 Nov 2022

We have calculated a ladder for online play on RealBridge sessions hosted by the Auckland Bridge Club for the period 1 Nov 2022 to 30 Nov 2022. You needed to have played a certain number of times to be listed in the ladder. There are more details at the end about how the calculation is performed, and what is included. We have added some additional statistics since last month. This is an experimental feature. It will continue to evolve. Please let us know ( if you spot any problems or have any suggestions. We won't create a ladder for December, instead we will produce a ladder for the whole year (if possible - it might be too much data for our system to handle).
Open Ladder
1A♠Ian Clayton4161Hamilton1261.46%
2ACynthia Clayton13263Hamilton861.26%
3AMike Dunn5733Auckland759.84%
4A♣John Buckleton25761Auckland1759.83%
5K♠Jerry Chen33838Akarana859.14%
6KMark Robertson35545Auckland1158.55%
7KBruce Marr921743Australia558.06%
8K♣Russell Watt17820Auckland757.68%
9Q♠Sylvester Riddell14427Auckland957.49%
10QDong Gao Bi36392Mt Albert557.35%
11QJohn Khouri9809Auckland557.31%
12Q♣John Driscoll33587Taupo857.04%
12Q♣Rona Driscoll19976Taupo857.04%
14JBeverley Morris24081Auckland756.79%
15JLeslie Watt56607Auckland956.11%
16J♣Hafizur Khan45154Auckland755.91%
17Patrick Carter3775Auckland555.63%
18Nicky Bowers25766Auckland1655.34%
19Douglas Russell15492Auckland755.25%
20Sophie Kranz52777Auckland555.23%
21Robert Gibbons6885Auckland1155.01%
22Joy Watkinson5143Auckland1254.90%
23Anne Gelb7057Auckland754.65%
24Jessica Morris37607Auckland654.60%
25Peter Ramsey43711Napier954.46%
26Karen Harris14602Hamilton754.39%
27Cathy Carroll31068Waiheke2454.36%
28Pauline Andrews1608Auckland854.12%
29Nola Clark4103Auckland654.05%
30Cheryl Winsor10588Howick553.86%
31Paul Buck0Unknown2953.69%
32Sharon Mosley64879Akarana653.59%
33Pamela Marsland26367Akarana753.57%
34Derek Bartosh3467Auckland953.53%
35Judith Chandler9758Auckland953.52%
36Richard Brookes70317Nelson553.46%
37Thomas Freeman-Greene51590Auckland753.41%
38Rachael Goffin20151Auckland653.01%
39Janet Barnard1997Auckland952.99%
40Diane Groom28237Richmond852.98%
40Shirley Lattimore58103Christchurch852.98%
42Christine Wilson31091North Shore952.98%
43William Leach4318Mt Albert952.90%
44Marilyn Jackson61101Invercargill652.89%
45Kevin Birch33810Franklin852.80%
46Ming High34605Auckland952.78%
47Takayo Yanagisawa36064Auckland1152.75%
48Anthony Wilson31057Auckland752.73%
49Thelma Burd32380Hamilton852.65%
49Duncan White18466Hamilton852.65%
51Paula Boughey70022Akarana652.62%
52Pamela Dravitzki42568Richmond552.36%
53Jane Windle2613Otaki552.28%
54Maree Cudby40303Levin852.21%
55Leah Andrews21534Auckland852.14%
56Carol Joseph32272Auckland1352.08%
57Chris Fleming30408Auckland1652.07%
58Sita Monaghan54890Nelson551.94%
59Kerri McCrae3653Auckland751.92%
60Anthony Abbott151531Australia651.82%
60Neil Williams952281Australia651.82%
62Fiona Moon30514Auckland1651.53%
63Heather Robertson42382Auckland1251.49%
64Susan Rowe22929Howick651.34%
65Sara Worth3548None1951.27%
66Hilda Burgess24313Victoria751.25%
66Sandy Connon46498Victoria651.25%
68Marie Ewbank6081Auckland550.99%
69Liz Ware20198Auckland850.98%
70Trudy Lange10107Auckland650.98%
71Paul Buck697990Australia950.94%
72Rhonda Graham41725North Shore750.90%
73Ray Kingston9878Auckland550.87%
74Penny McRobie11898Auckland550.80%
75Jo Clark4097Auckland650.62%
76Trish Murphy52605Hastings550.62%
77Md Faisal Alam26807Howick650.58%
78Rex Green25371Christchurch850.50%
79Sally Cole20580Auckland750.45%
80Trish Young37598Auckland1950.41%
81Lucie Armstrong49013Hamilton750.28%
81Barbara Daly43568Hamilton750.28%
83Sharon Marryatt32251Auckland1250.15%
84Ian Beattie32124Christchurch1050.15%
85Pam Nunn151904Australia750.14%
Intermediate/Junior Ladder
1A♠Sophie Kranz52777Auckland555.23%
2ARobert Gibbons6885Auckland1155.01%
3AJessica Morris37607Auckland654.60%
4A♣Cathy Carroll31068Waiheke2454.36%
5K♠Derek Bartosh3467Auckland953.53%
6KRichard Brookes70317Nelson553.46%
7KThomas Freeman-Greene51590Auckland753.41%
8K♣William Leach4318Mt Albert952.90%
9Q♠Kevin Birch33810Franklin852.80%
10QMing High34605Auckland952.78%
11QTakayo Yanagisawa36064Auckland1152.75%
12Q♣Thelma Burd32380Hamilton852.65%
12Q♣Duncan White18466Hamilton852.65%
14JLeah Andrews21534Auckland852.14%
15JChris Fleming30408Auckland1652.07%
16J♣Kerri McCrae3653Auckland751.92%
17Fiona Moon30514Auckland1651.53%
18Heather Robertson42382Auckland1251.49%
19Sara Worth3548None1951.27%
20Hilda Burgess24313Victoria751.25%
20Sandy Connon46498Victoria651.25%
22Marie Ewbank6081Auckland550.99%
23Liz Ware20198Auckland850.98%
24Penny McRobie11898Auckland550.80%
25Trish Murphy52605Hastings550.62%
26Rex Green25371Christchurch850.50%
27Sally Cole20580Auckland750.45%
28Trish Young37598Auckland1950.41%
29Ian Beattie32124Christchurch1050.15%
30Dave Almond45127Mt Albert1049.96%
31Kay Cunneen33641Christchurch849.52%
32Sybil Cornell4518Auckland1649.43%
33Dennis Watkinson42380Auckland1249.27%
34Mary Price41151Mt Albert649.17%
35David Kranz52775Auckland849.13%
36Jody Burchall51578Auckland1849.08%
37Diana Easson36412Invercargill548.95%
38Margaret Harkness7844Auckland848.75%
39Rosemary Jackson39482East Coast Bays648.54%
40Rae Cameron22165East Coast Bays1648.43%
41Anna Wall4702Auckland1048.23%
42Robin Hardley3748Auckland1148.02%
43Ash Hamilton84000Westport547.87%
44Terry Cain19882Christchurch547.74%
45Jill Patterson31186Waiheke1147.55%
46Ratilal Ranchhod3203Franklin647.54%
Junior Ladder
1A♠Sophie Kranz52777Auckland555.23%
2AThomas Freeman-Greene51590Auckland753.41%
3AKerri McCrae3653Auckland751.92%
4A♣Sara Worth3548None1951.27%
5K♠David Kranz52775Auckland849.13%
6KJody Burchall51578Auckland1849.08%
7KRatilal Ranchhod3203Franklin647.54%
8K♣Beth Henderson38982Mt Albert547.49%
8K♣Jo McKeown44104Auckland547.49%
10QAlex Shan13277Auckland747.32%
11QElizabeth Gollan51587Auckland846.40%
12Q♣Sandra Turley-Miller47457Waiheke545.38%
Statistics for all boards:
Percentage when declarer: (12960) 51.05%
  ... percentage that made: (8586 of 12960) 66.25%
  ... when Opener holds at least 16 hcp: (3550) 50.58%
  ... when opened but most didn't: (380) 52.12%
  ... when Opener preempted: (1378) 52.47%
  ... was preempted when most didn't: (520) 55.42%
  ... when Declarer is distributional3: (1704 hands) 51.64%
  ... when in a unique contract: (2841) 44.09%
Percentage score when on opening lead: (13009) 48.95%
  ... when leading from a sequence4: (1759) 48.11%
  ... when leading trumps4: (343) 47.65%
  ... when trumps was the only right lead4: (15/212)
  ... when leading a singleton4: (679) 52.53%
  ... when leading a doubleton4: (634) 49.35%
  ... when leading passively4: (2998) 48.83%
  ... when leading actively4: (6547) 48.88%
Highest HCP: AK9 AKQ7 A108 KQ8 [link] (25 hcp)
Freakiest Hand: 96 86 - KQJ975432 [link] (6)
Beer cards won: (32)
Frequency Declarer Is Making
This table is not just about play - it also relects bidding. There are two good ways to get on this table: (1) by being a great declarer, (2) by being a sound bidder; there are two bad ways to get on this table: (1) by being a chronic underbidder, and (2) by never sacrificing. Regardless of which category you fall into, it is better to be higher than lower in the ranking.
1A♠Sophie Kranz303488.24%
2AJimmy Ching252986.21%
3ABruce Marr273284.38%
4A♣Anthony Abbott263183.87%
5K♠Rona Driscoll415082.00%
6KGay Bradbury364481.82%
7KMichael Johnstone253180.65%
8K♣Sharon Mosley313979.49%
9Q♠Rachael Goffin232979.31%
10QLiz Ware384879.17%
11QIan Beattie506478.13%
12Q♣Pamela Dravitzki283677.78%
13J♠Caroline Jones243177.42%
14JMarilyn Jackson415377.36%
15JJerry Chen476177.05%
16J♣Sylvester Riddell536976.81%
17Brian Craig364776.60%
18Peter Ramsey496476.56%
19Jo Clark293876.32%
20Maree Cudby385076.00%
21Md Faisal Alam607975.95%
22Cynthia Clayton374975.51%
22Hilda Burgess374975.51%
24Nola Clark364875.00%
24Leah Andrews364875.00%
24Kerri McCrae334475.00%
24Alan Brame334475.00%
24Christine Wilson395275.00%
29Ian Clayton597974.68%
30Graham Wakefield476374.60%
31Pamela Marsland354774.47%
32Sandy Connon293974.36%
33Douglas Russell435874.14%
34Marie Milsum202774.07%
35Anne Gelb375074.00%
36Anthony Wilson9813373.68%
36Debbie Cooper283873.68%
38Shirley Lattimore395373.58%
39Russell Watt385273.08%
40John Driscoll425872.41%
41Trudy Lange527272.22%
41Leslie Watt527272.22%
43Katherine Griffith314372.09%
44Dave Almond496872.06%
45John Khouri283971.79%
46Takayo Yanagisawa486771.64%
47Chris Turner588171.60%
48Tricia Bayley253571.43%
48Dianne Evans253571.43%
48Neil Williams253571.43%
Double Dummy Declarer Success
This table shows how many tricks a declarer takes compared to double dummy play, given the actual lead. A figure of +1.0 for example would mean that on average the declarer takes one more trick than the double dummy result.
1A♠Marie Ewbank31 +0.42
2ABruce Marr32 +0.34
3AGraham Wakefield63 +0.25
4A♣John Khouri39 +0.23
5K♠Cynthia Clayton49 +0.20
6KAnthony Abbott31 +0.19
7KLiz Ware48 +0.15
8K♣Douglas Russell58 +0.14
8K♣Rachael Goffin29 +0.14
11QJerry Chen61 +0.13
12Q♣Peter Goffin55 +0.11
13J♠Paula Boughey47 +0.11
14JKevin Hu30 +0.10
15JBruce Ballard31 +0.10
16J♣Patrick Carter34 +0.09
17Carol Minchin50 +0.06
18Robert Gibbons91 +0.04
19Mark Robertson74 +0.04
20Maree Cudby50 +0.04
20Anne Gelb50 +0.04
22Russell Watt52 +0.04
23Shirley Lattimore53 +0.04
24Ann Baker28 +0.04
25Peter Ramsey64 +0.03
26Sally Cole65 +0.03
27Jane Windle33 +0.03
28Sylvester Riddell69 +0.03
29Kathryn Brookes39 +0.03
30Katherine Griffith43 +0.02
31John Buckleton138 +0.01
32Penny McRobie32 +0.00
32Sita Monaghan42 +0.00
32Susan Rowe28 +0.00
Contract Success
This table shows declarer's success in various contracts.
ContractFrequency% MadeAverage Score
2NX2 50.00% 78.13%
645 77.78% 68.77%
74 75.00% 68.22%
1X5 60.00% 63.80%
73 66.67% 61.39%
2960 70.73% 54.87%
6115 62.61% 53.71%
1N781 73.24% 53.59%
1113 82.30% 53.49%
3N2127 72.03% 53.43%
41790 70.61% 53.35%
41543 73.04% 53.32%
2658 71.58% 53.29%
684 51.19% 51.59%
3341 70.97% 50.87%
6N62 53.23% 50.87%
2162 74.07% 50.29%
5143 57.34% 49.37%
Pass49 100.00% 49.14%
1X55 65.45% 48.92%
3X462 61.26% 48.87%
154 77.78% 48.45%
2N465 65.59% 48.33%
1NX25 44.00% 47.97%
3624 60.10% 47.79%
Passed Out49 100.00% 49.14%
Part Score6179 65.33% 50.22%
Game+6781 67.08% 51.81%
Slam348 55.46% 52.27%
Grand Slam19 36.84% 36.46%
Doubled1662 47.35% 43.96%
Redoubled5 40.00% 40.85%
Double Dummy Opening Lead Success Rate
This table shows how often you make an opening lead that does not cost a trick for the defence, double dummy. Hands where every card leads to the same result are not counted.
PositionNameGood leadsTotalPercent
1A♠Bruce Ballard232688.46%
2AKatherine Griffith293485.29%
3AHafizur Khan516085.00%
4A♣Patrick Carter222684.62%
5K♠Glynis McNicoll273381.82%
6KJan Bennett222781.48%
7KKerri McCrae263281.25%
8K♣Judith Chandler435381.13%
9Q♠Graham Wakefield303781.08%
10QRachael Goffin212680.77%
11QNeil Williams253180.65%
12Q♣Paul Buck13216480.49%
12Q♣Janet Barnard334180.49%
14JDiane Groom283580.00%
14JShirley Lattimore324080.00%
14JChris Turner526580.00%
17Thelma Burd273479.41%
18Takayo Yanagisawa415278.85%
19Bernard Lamusse222878.57%
20Rona Driscoll324178.05%
21Ratilal Ranchhod212777.78%
22Beverley Morris526777.61%
23Gay Calderwood314077.50%
24Jerry Chen344477.27%
25Dianne Evans202676.92%
25Terry Cain202676.92%
27Cynthia Clayton233076.67%
27Joanna Silk233076.67%
29Dong Gao Bi364776.60%
30Sophie Kranz263476.47%
31Russell Watt293876.32%
32Sally Cole192576.00%
33Chris Curreen222975.86%
34Sandra Turley-Miller253375.76%
35Robin Hardley374975.51%
36Anthony Wilson7910575.24%
37Leah Andrews273675.00%
37Dave Almond304075.00%
37Sandy Connon212875.00%
37Jo McKeown212875.00%
41Ian Beattie324374.42%
42Anne Gelb233174.19%
42Alan Dormer233174.19%
44Peter Ramsey405474.07%
44Clare Cryer202774.07%
44Sita Monaghan202774.07%
44Helen Barker202774.07%
44Elizabeth Gollan405474.07%
44Susan Steedman202774.07%
44Caroline Jones202774.07%
Opening Bid Success Rates
This table shows the average outcome for each opening bid for the opening side.
OpeningCountFrequencyAverage Result
1 2702 20.85% 49.48%
1 2190 16.90% 50.52%
1 2054 15.85% 49.81%
1 1956 15.09% 50.57%
1N 2093 16.15% 51.75%
2 273 2.11% 53.39%
2 564 4.35% 52.01%
2 302 2.33% 53.84%
2 271 2.09% 52.28%
2N 192 1.48% 48.70%
3 74 0.57% 53.17%
3 115 0.89% 53.23%
3 53 0.41% 48.13%
3 75 0.58% 52.03%
3N 2 0.02% 60.23%
4 2 0.02% 47.09%
4 4 0.03% 43.46%
4 12 0.09% 51.39%
4 21 0.16% 47.35%
5 4 0.03% 55.56%
5 1 0.01% 11.11%

1 For the ladder: you need to have played at least 5 times in Open sessions during the period to be listed. For every 2 extra sessions you play above that you get to drop your lowest score, e.g. if you play 9 times your worst 2 scores are discarded and the best 7 are averaged, or if you play 15 times your worst 5 scores are discarded and the best 10 are averaged. Only those sessions where you played with a partner with the same grade or higher are included because we want to encourage players to play with lower graded friends without affecting their average. Only sessions where you played at least 10 boards are included. Some sessions are harder than others but we aren't adjusting for that. Supervised/Beginner/Learner sessions aren't included. For monthly emails we show just the top 50. On the website we show a more complete ladder - those with an average equal to or higher than: 50% (Open), 47.5% (Intermediate), and 45% (Junior). Matches scored in X-IMPS/IMPS are converted to a percentage using the formula used by the EBU National Grading System.

2 For multi-session results the position shown is the overall position for all the sessions played up to that point.

3 Distributional means having a 7+ card suit or a void.

4 Leads are imperfectly classified into leads of trumps, a sequence (eg QJ10 or QJ9 not Q109), a singleton or low doubleton vs. a suit contract, passive (a suit headed by the 10 or lower), or active (anything else). No account is taken (currently) of the bidding: whether you have led the unbid suit, partner's suit, or obeyed a lead directing double, etc.

5 [link] links to the actual hand in RealBridge, [BSOL] links to the hand in BridgeSolverOnline - click the highlighted contract in the makeable contracts table and the lead success will be calculated, your lead shows with an asterisk.

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