Beginners Lessons

Lesson 1 Introduction Notes1 Hands1 Quiz1 Answers1
Lesson 2 Opening 1NT Notes2 Hands2 Quiz2 Answers2
Lesson 3 Playing NT contracts Notes3 Hands3 Quiz3 Answers3
Lesson 4 Opening 1 of a suit Notes4 Hands4 Quiz4 Answers4
Lesson 5 Playing suit contracts Notes5 Hands5 Quiz5 Answers5
Lesson 6 Responder's new suit bids Notes6 Hands6 Quiz6 Answers6
Lesson 7 Completing the auction Notes7 Hands7 Quiz7 Answers7
Lesson 8 Overcalls Notes8 Hands8 Quiz8 Answers8
Lesson 9 Take out doubles Notes9 Hands9 Quiz9 Answers9
Lesson 10 Strong opening bids Notes10 Hands10 Quiz10 Answers10
Lesson 11 Pre-emptive bids Notes11 Hands11 Quiz11 Answers11
Lesson 12 Opening leads Notes12 Hands12 Quiz12 Answers12
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