Partial club re-open, see Home page. We also offer regular online bridge: please click RealBridge.


Day Open Sessions
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Supervised sessions


7:00pm  6

Open - Mon 27 Jun - 1pm

Open - Mon 27 Jun - 7pm

7:30pm Supervised session on RealBridge for less experienced players. 7

Supervised - Mon 27 Jun - 7.30pm

Monday July Teams - 4 week event

7:00pm  6

More details and registration here:


1:00pm  6

7:00pm  8

Open - Tue 28 Jun - 1pm

Open - Tue 28 Jun - 7pm


1:00pm 6

7:00pm 4

Open - Wed 29 Jun - 1pm

Open - Wed 29 Jun - 7pm


1:00pm 7


Open - Thu 30 Jun - 1pm

Open - Thu 30 Jun - 7pm

10:00am Supervised session for less experienced players. 7

Supervised - Thu 30 Jun - 10am


1:00pm 7

Matariki - IMPS - Fri 24 Jun - 1pm
Friday Restricted

7:00pm 7

Restricted - Fri 1 Jul - 7pm Junior Session for players with less than 30 B points and less than 5 A points. 21 Boards.  Not every Friday.  Next session: Fri 22nd July.
Interclub 7:15pm Next session Friday 8th July Next session Friday 8th July
Bridge Across the Ditch


12 July 2022



List of Entrants

Create a free visitor account first if you don't have a Hello Club account already:

Register here:

Post Mortem with David Bird


15 July 2022


Create a free visitor account first if you don't have a Hello Club account already:

Register here:

Andrew Robson Free Lessons

Counting and Card Placement

Each week it is the same lesson, repeated 3 times.

Counting and Card Placement - Tue 28 Jun - 10am

Counting and Card Placement - Thu 30 Jun - 7.30pm

Counting and Card Placement - Sun 3 Jul - 2pm

Here is a tip for this session:  Play a pre-emptor who leads his suit for a singleton trump.



1pm session is paused over summer

On BBO at 7pm

10:00am Supervised session for less experienced players. 5

Lessons /


Next workshop:  refer here for online lessons and improver classes.

Beginner's Lessons:

Monday 27 June and following - at the club

Every day 9:00am
Until midnight
Casual bridge in the Social Room. For more information and to book a table, click here.

There is no need to pre-register for most tournaments.  Everyone is welcome to play.   When you log in you must enter your full name and NZ Bridge number if you have one.  Look up NZBridge to find your number if you have forgotten it. You should be able to find a partner in the lobby if needed. If you haven't played on RealBridge before, there is some preparation you should do - read the Guide and perform the Camera and Audio test in the overview section below.

To join these sessions just click the approriate link below, at least 10 minutes before the start time. 

A $5 session charge applies to most sessions. This is paid via a Hello Club account.  Visitors please ensure you set one up.  Click the VISITOR menu item above to create one.  AKBC members, you already have a Hello Club account.

Directors:  Patrick Carter, unless indicated.  ¹ Julie Atkinson.  ² Kevin Hu.   ³ Jeremy Fraser-Hoskins. 4 Douglas Russell.  5 Mike Dunn.  6 Sylvester Riddell.    7 Duncan Badley.  8 Tony Morcom.
Hands of the Day:  for notable hands with expert commentary see here.
Kibitzing: Kibitzing is enabled for most evening sessions on a small delay.  To kibitz click here:  RealBridge Kibitz Server
Substitutes:  Players able to fill in as substitutes are needed and welcome for every event.  When you log in to the session and '(Sub)' to the end of your name so the director knows you are willing to sub.  Substitutes are needed most often just the the session starts and during rounnd one.  Watch for messages in the lobby telling you where to sit.
Need a Partner: Log into RealBridge 15mins before the session starts, stay in the LOBBY and use the chat box to write to the Director and other players you need a partner. The Director will try to assist you.
Club Session: To be eligible to win cllub events you must be a member.  For the Jubilee cup at most one partner can be open grade; For the Caddy cup and Spring Pairs, neither partner can be open grade.
Masterpoints:  NZ Bridge has permitted the awarding of masterpoints for RealBridge sessions on a very limited trial basis from 1st Dec 2021 to 31st March 2022 unfortunately most sessions do not qualify under the criteria.

If the link appears to be for last week, more than likely your browser is displaying an old copy of the page click here to see how to force the browser to load the lastest version.

To join the session click on the appropriate link below:

Open Session - Wed 22 Jun - 1pm

Open Session - Wed 22 Jun - 7pm

Supervised Session - Thu 23 Jun - 10am

Open Session - Thu 23 Jun - 1pm

Open Session - Thu 23 Jun - 7pm

Robson Free Lesson - FSF - Thu 23 Jun - 7.30pm

Matariki - IMPS - Fri 24 Jun - 1pm

Supervised Session - Sun 26 Jun - 10am

Robson Free Lesson - FSF - Sun 26 Jun - 2pm

Sunday 7pm Tournament - you can usually find a tournament for Kiwis hosted by PATRICCK on BBO

Open - Mon 27 Jun - 1pm

Open - Mon 27 Jun - 7pm

Supervised - Mon 27 Jun - 7.30pm

Free Lesson - Counting and Card Placement - Tue 28 Jun - 10am

Open - Tue 28 Jun - 1pm

Open - Tue 28 Jun - 7pm

Open - Wed 29 Jun - 1pm

Open - Wed 29 Jun - 7pm

Supervised - Thu 30 Jun - 10am

Open - Thu 30 Jun - 1pm

Open - Thu 30 Jun - 7pm

Free Lesson - Counting and Card Placement - Thu 30 Jun - 7.30pm

Open - Fri 1 Jul - 1pm

Supervised - Sun 3 Jul - 10am

Free Lesson - Counting and Card Placement - Sun 3 Jul - 2pm

Sunday 7pm Tournament - you can usually find a tournament for Kiwis hosted by PATRICCK on BBO


RealBridge is an internet site where you can play bridge. 

It is similar to BBO which you are probably more familiar with, but you can see and talk to the other players at the table using the camera and microphone on your device (laptop, tablet, computer, not smart phone the screens are just too small).  You can still play without the video and audio if you dont have it. It is a cross between a Zoom meeting and BBO, with players able to see and talk to their partners and opponents.  Online bidding boxes, alert cards, and the playing cards appear in the middle of the screen.  

Player Guide

Camera and Audio test - these cause most of the problems, but camera and audio are not essential.  Test your equipment now, no need to wait until just before the session to find you have an issue.

How to play in these sessions:  read the guide below, run the test, and on the day join the tournament/session by clicking the session link no earlier than 30 minutes before the start.  You don't need to pre-enter.  If you don't have a partner you might be able to organise one if you join the session in good time.

The first time you login, your browser might ask you to authorise to use your microphone and camera.  You need to click Allow to enable video and sound.  Cannot get it working?  Just log in anyway and there will be someone waiting in the lobby to help.

Guide for players:

  • Read the guide
  • Test your camera and microphone (these are not essential but the experience is better if you have them).  Don't leave it to the last minute, you can perform this step now.
  • You don't need to create a login for RealBridge - you just enter your name and number when you first join a session.
  • You don't go the RealBridge site to find the session, you click the link to the trial above.
  • The session should be open 30 minutes beforehand. 
  • There may be some instructions to read in the lobby.    
  • Sit at a table. If you have a partner sit at Tables 1-9.  If you are single sit at a higher numbered table.  You can chat with other people at the table while you wait.

Limited bandwidth

RealBridge requires more bandwidth than BBO. If you have a weak connection you can turn off your camera and/or the incoming video to reduce bandwidth requirements.

What devices does RealBridge run on

RealBridge runs on any laptop, desktop computer or tablet that supports video calling from a web browser.  On Windows PCApple macOS or Android tablet you can use any modern browser, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari. (Note: older versions of Edge and Internet Explorer do not work.)  On an Apple iPad you can use the Safari or Chrome browser.

VPNs: Most VPNs are incompatible with the technology used by RealBridge. Using a VPN will often prevent connections to RealBridge, or interfere with the video.

Internet security software: Some "safe browsing" or ad-blocking extensions can interfere with RealBridge. This may prevent a connection to RealBridge, interfere with video, or cause players to be repeatedly disconnected or moved to the lobby. If you experience this type of problem, try temporarily disabling any extensions of this sort, or to whitelist the RealBridge server (

Do I need a camera, webcam or microphone?

RealBridge does not require a webcam to run; you can play without being connected on video or audio calls.  The experience is better with them, however.

Any queries email here:  RealBridge at Auckland Bridge Club.

How to Refesh the page in your browser:

In most browsers on PC and Mac, you can perform a simple action to force a hard refresh. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click on the reload icon on your browser’s toolbar: 

There are also some keyboard shorcuts:

  • Chrome, Firefox, or Edge for Windows: Press Ctrl+F5 (If that doesn’t work, try Shift+F5 or Ctrl+Shift+R).
  • Chrome or Firefox for Mac: Press Shift+Command+R.
  • Safari for Mac: There is no simple keyboard shortcut to force a hard refresh. Instead, press Command+Option+E to empty the cache, then hold down Shift and click Reload in the toolbar.
  • Safari for iPhone and iPad: There is no shortcut to force a cache refresh. You’ll have to dig into settings to erase your browser’s cache.

If none of these seem to work, try opening a new private/incognito window and accessing the page from there - that is guaranteed to be the latest version of the page.


Organise a group of four and play up to 32 hands at your leisure. No time pressure, no director calls.

Cost: $15 for the table. Payable by the person booking the table, from their club account balance, at the time of booking. If you cannot make the day booked, you can transfer to another. Only the person booking needs a club account, either member or visitor casual account. If you do not have an account, please go to the VISITORS menu tab at the top of the page to set one up.

To book a room, simply log into Hello Club (, click the link on the home page for the day you want. No need to pre-book. You will immediately receive an email with a link to your table to share with your other three playes.


Announcement About Upcoming Charges

Auckland Bridge Club hopes that you have been enjoying the tournaments on RealBridge. We have been happy to absorb the costs during the initial trial period, and we thank the many players who have made donations over the lockdown.

These sessions are proving popular and to maintain them on a regular basis we will need to commence charging a fee. We have set this fee at $5 per player for a normal session. Charges will commence on Monday 1st of November. If you are a member of Auckland Bridge Club you are already set up. The fees will be deducted from your credit balance. If you are not a club member then we invite you to open a free visitor account on the club's membership system (Hello Club)—many have already done so—and establish a credit balance with your credit or debit card (transaction fees only for international cards). It only takes a minute. Go here for more details

If you have friends that have not tried RealBridge yet please encourage them to do so while there is no charge. You could book a social table for four and help them figure things out at their own pace—email for more details.