RealBridge is an internet site where you can play bridge.  Their home page is here.

It is similar to BBO which you are probably more familiar with, but you can see and talk to the other players at the table using the camera and microphone on your device (laptop, tablet, computer, not smart phone the screens are just too small).  You can still play without the video and audio if you dont have it, or your internet connection is too slow to support it.

A big difference to BBO is that you just cannot log in and find a game - the games are all hosted by clubs (but there are regular limited 'taster' sessions of eight boards run by RealBridge - see below).

Player Guide

Camera and Audio test - these cause most of the problems, but camera and audio are not essential.  Test your equipment now, no need to wait until just before the session to find you have an issue.

Auckland Bridge Club is running some trial sessions on RealBridge.   The first two trials will be Friday 24th at 10 am, and Saturday 25th at 1 pm.

How to play in these sessions:  read the guide below, run the test, and on the day join the session by clicking the link below no earlier than 30 minutes before the start.  You don't need to pre-enter.  If you don't have a partner you should be able to organise one if you join the session in good time.

The first time you login, your browser might ask you to authorise to use your microphone and camera.  You need to click Allow to enable video and sound.  Cannot get it working?  Just log in anyway and there will be someone waiting in the lobby to help.

Trial 1 Friday 24th 10am  ← Click here for results. This session will be around 15 boards, likely to  be a little slow as people get used to the platform

Trial 2:  Saturday 25th 1pm  ← Click here between 12:30 and say 12:45pm. This will be a full session replacing the BBO event usually scheduled at that time.

If you think you might want to have a go please click here so we have an idea of numbers. 

How to kibitz:  Go here 30 minutes after the session has started.  All RealBridge sessions are on a delay

Guide for players:

  • Read the guide
  • Test your camera and microphone (these are not essential but the experience is better if you have them).  Don't leave it to the last minute, you can perform this step now.
  • You don't need to create a login for RealBridge - you just enter your name and number when you first join a session.
  • You don't go the RealBridge site to find the session, you click the link to the trial above.
  • The session should be open 30 minutes beforehand. 
  • There may be some instructions to read in the lobby.    
  • Sit at a table. If you have a partner sit at Tables 1-9.  If you are single sit at a higher numbered table.  You can chat with other people at the table while you wait.

Limited bandwidth

RealBridge requires more bandwidth than BBO. If you have a weak connection you can turn off your camera and/or the incoming video to reduce bandwidth requirements.

What devices does RealBridge run on

RealBridge runs on any laptop, desktop computer or tablet that supports video calling from a web browser.  On Windows PCApple macOS or Android tablet you can use any modern browser, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari. (Note: older versions of Edge and Internet Explorer do not work.)  On an Apple iPad you can use the Safari or Chrome browser.

VPNs: Most VPNs are incompatible with the technology used by RealBridge. Using a VPN will often prevent connections to RealBridge, or interfere with the video.

Internet security software: Some "safe browsing" or ad-blocking extensions can interfere with RealBridge. This may prevent a connection to RealBridge, interfere with video, or cause players to be repeatedly disconnected or moved to the lobby. If you experience this type of problem, try temporarily disabling any extensions of this sort, or to whitelist the RealBridge server (

Do I need a camera, webcam or microphone?

RealBridge does not require a webcam to run; you can play without being connected on video or audio calls.  The experience is better with them, however.

Any queries email here:  RealBridge at Auckland Bridge Club, or contact Sylvester Riddell or Sara Worth.

If all goes well and there is demand this could become a regular thing, and there would be a charge, but the initial sessions will be free.

We encourage you to try it out.  Many people prefer it. 

You can register for the RealBridge free 'taster' sessions here.   The next ones in our time zone are: September Sat 18th and Wed 22nd  at 8pm NZ time.