Traude Leitl Junior Cup

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Traude Leitl Junior Cup

Awarded to the winning Junior Pair at the Tudor Rosebowl tournament. This cup was presented by Robert Leitl in memory of his wife who played on Wednesday night.

2003 Bill MacKenzie & Fern MacKenzie
2004 Harvey Kerr & Chris Kerr
2005 Anna Boers & Tulsi Vasudev
2006 Allan Morris & Bev Morris
2007 Gerald Norman & Heather Norman
2008 Sharon Stretton & Dave Mitchell
2009 Jill Bignell & Jill Kilby
2010 Pamela Morris & Ivanica Vodanovich
2011 Sharon Deaker & Ian Handricks
2012 Anthony Hopkins & Martin Jacques
2013 Chris Fitzgerald & Angie Fitzgerald
2014 Jill Bignell & Jill Kilby
2015 Babs Merel de Visser & Fiona Moon
2016 Jill Bignell & Jill Kilby
2017 Julie Hawkes & Takayo Yanagisawa
2018 Tony Ren & Kevin Hu

Reference number 952