Bruce Bell Salver

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Bruce Bell Salver

Donated in 1974 and awarded to the top mens pair in the Bell Taylor Pairs played in February/March. Bruce Bell , the "Grand Old Man" of New Zealand bridge, had boundless enthusiasm for the game and many bridge clubs in New Zealand owe their origin directly to his efforts. He gave his time in coaching and lecturing to university players and other clubs. He was a regular player at the Auckland Club and many of us have had the privilege to play with or against him. He was made a Life Member in 1971. You can see how successful a player he was as his name appears on most cups and was almost unchallenged for 15-20 years. In 2015 Bruce's family donated many of his papers to New Zealand Bridge's archives. 

2019 Herman Yuan & Andrew Liu
2018 John Wang & Hank Ping
2017 Yuzhong Chen & Herman Yuan
2016 Anthony Hopkins & Alan Dormer
2015 Steve Boughey & Andrew Tarbutt
2014 Steve Boughey & Andrew Tarbutt
2013 Owen Camp & Mike Curry
2012 Steve Boughey & Mark Hangartner
2011 Stephen Rogers & Peter McTaggart
2010 Mike Cornell & Geo Tislevoll
2009 Mike Cornell & Geo Tislevoll
2008 David Ackerley & Scott Smith
2007 Nong Li & Victor Kam
2006 Richard Solomon & Steve Boughey
2005 Wayne Beasley & Owen Camp
2004 Steve Boughey & Andrew Tarbutt
2003 Bob Grover & Andrew Tarbutt
2002 T Ranasinge & M Robertson
2001 Michael Ware & Alan Turner
2000 Scott Smith & Michael Ware
1999 R Jedrychowski & A Mik
1998 Scott Smith & Michael Ware
1997 R Jacobs & F Whitaker
1996 R Jedrychowski & A Mik
1995 Andy Braithwaire & Alan Turner
1994 Duncan Badley & F Whitaker
1993 Grant Jarvis & I Bryant
1992 R Kingston & Ishmael Del'Monte
1991 Ashley Bach & Peer Bach
1990 Derek Evenett & Bob Grover
1989 Grant Jarvis & Richard Solomon
1988 Ashley Bach & Peer Bach
1987 Patrick Carter & Ken Yule
1986 Denis Humphries Brian Mace
1985 T Brewer A Taylor
1984 Trevor Robb P Tumewu
1983 I Bryant Malcolm Mayer
1982 Dr A Braithwaite G Margison
1981 A Taylor P Uffindell
1980 Bruce Bell Dr N Hannay
1979 S Del'Monte M Sims
1978 Malcolm Mayer Lionel Wright
1977 M Malloy P Tumewu
1976 D Evitt R Meng
1975 K Knight H Leenderts
1974 R Jacobs D Mathews

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