Colbeck Trophy

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Colbeck Trophy

The Cup was donated by Stuart Colbeck. Stuart started playing bridge at university, possibly encouraged by his father who played at the Northern Club. He was an army doctor in India and was a prisoner of war at the infamous Changi prison in Singapore during WWII. After the war he practised medicine on Auckland until he retired aged 80. He played at our Club for over 20 years and was much respected.

2003 Phyl McLachlan & Barbara Sutton
2004 Derek Alvares & Marion Kelly
2005 Derek Alvares & Ranjit Limaye
2006 Paula Boughey & Anisia Shami
2007 Penny McRobie & Margaret Somers
2008 Peer Bach & Lynne Guerson
2009 GeO Tislevoll & Faith Tislevoll
2010 GeO Tislevoll & Faith Tislevoll
2011 Carol Wilkinson & George Wilkinson
2012 Steve Boughey & Andi Boughey
2013 Steve Boughey & Douglas Russell
2014 Sylvester Riddell & Mark Robertson
2015 Trudy Lange & Roy Ballard
2016 Bev Henton & Carol De Luca
2017 William Liu & John Wang
2018 Steve Boughey & Matthew Brown
2019 Carol Richardson & Andie Boughey
2020 John Wang & June Lei
2021 James Yang & Yuzhong Chen
2022 Dallas Dagg & Jane Lennon

Reference number T01