Katherine Sayers Salver

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Katherine Sayers Salver

Friday PM. This competiton is usually played in June/July. The Salver was donated by Peter Sayers in 2008 in memory of Katherine who was a staunch supporter of the Club and was elected a Life Member in 1995.

2008  Sarah Amoils  Roy Ballard
2009  Judy Perry  Sherrill Sibun
2010  Annette Gilbert  Amelia Herbert
2011  Marie Ewbank Penny McRobie
2012  Marie Ewbank Penny McRobie
2013 Sue Spencer  Bev Guilford
2014 Marie Ewbank Penny McRobie
2015 Jo Clark Margaret Somer
2016 Amelia Herbert Anisia Shami
2017 Julie Atkinson Pauline Andrews
2018 Bev Guilford & Sue Spencer
2019 Penny McRobie & Maire Ewbank

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