Billie Tohill Cup

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Billie Tohill Cup

In memory of Billie Tohill who was a club and tournament director for many years. Never to be forgotten by those who played at that time. The whole room of 50 tables firmly and definitely controlled.  The Traude Leitl Junior Cup is presented to top juniors in the tournament.

2003 Michael Cornell & Denis Humphries
2004 Barry Palmer & Andrew Tarbutt
2005 Jo Clark & Amelia Herbert
2006 Jo Clark & Amelia Herbert
2007 Jeffrey Luh & Jim Wang
2008 Derek Alvares & Peer Bach
2009 Ron Ballard & Don Hayward
2010 Alan Dormer & Graham Wakefield
2011 Owen Camp & John Buckleton
2012 Gary Chen & Richard Solomon
2013 GeO Tislevoll & Dong Huang
2014 John Wang & David O'Shaunghnessy
2015 Steve Boughey & Jenny Millington
2016 Ian Clayton & Richard Solomon
2017 Wayne Benefield & Christine Wilson
2018 Jerry Chen & Jamie Zhu
2019 Andrew Tarbutt & Karen Harris

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