Easter Congress 10A Pairs

The Club is closed. AKBC runs multiple online tournaments daily on BBO, and a 271 player Teams event has started. See Online bridge March 2020 Newsletter for details. To donate your money to Auckland Bridge Club please pay ANZ Remuera 01 0258 0010388 00: please don't hold back! We need $5,000 a month for rates, insurance, security, depreciation, fees and licences: and more to pay for staff salaries above the government wage supplement.

Easter Congress 10A Pairs
2013 Ashley Bach & Mike Cornell
2014 Jenny Millington & Barry Jones
2015 Jeter Liu & John Wang
2016 Susan Humphries & Michael Whibley
2017 Herman Yuan & Andrew Liu
2018 James Li &June Lei 
2019 Johanna Perfect & Hamish Brown