Dougal McLean Interprovincial Trophy

Dougal McLean Interprovincial Trophy

The event is sponsored by New Zealand Bridge.

Dougal was a well-liked and accomplished bridge player from Wellington's Victoria Bridge Club, and a partner in a large accountancy firm.

Teams participate from Auckland/Northland, Canterbury, Central Districts, Otago/Southland, Top of the South, Waikato Bays and Wellington. Each province fields teams in the Open, Junior/Intermediate, Senior and Women sections, and a non-playing captain.

In 2014, with seven provinces participating, scoring for the Dougal McLean is for 7 points cumulative first place within each of the the four sections, 6 points for second overall within each section, etc ...

2008 Wellington
2009 Auckland
2010 Auckland
2011 Auckland
2012 Auckland/Northland held during National Congress
2013 Canterbury held at Wellington Bridge Club
2014 Auckland/Northland held at Auckland Bridge Club

Auckland/Northland  held at Christchurch

Dougal McLean
Open Women Senior Intermediate
1st Auckland/Northland Otago/Southland Auckland/Northland Auckland/Northland Waikato Bays
2nd Otago/Southland Wellington Otago/Southland Central Districts Auckland/Northland
3rd Wellington Top of the South Waikato Bays Wellington Canterbury
4th Canterbury Auckland/Northland Canterbury Otago/Southland Central Districts
5th Waikato Bays Canterbury Wellington Canterbury Otago/Southland
6th Central Districts Central Districts Top of the South Top of the South Wellington
7th Top of the South Waikato Bays Central Districts Waikato Bays Top of the South

Douglas McLean
Open Women Seniors Intermediate
1st Canterbury Canterbury Auckland Auckland Otago Southland
2nd Auckland Otago Southland Waikato Bays Central Districts Central Districts
3rd Otago Southland Wellington Canterbury Canterbury Canterbury
4th Central Districts Auckland Otago Southland Waikato Bays Wellington
5th Waikato Bays Waikato Bays Top of the South Otago Southland Auckland
6th Wellington Central Districts Central Districts Wellington Waikato Bays
7th Top of the South Top of the South Wellington Top of the South Top of the South