Ailsa Hollis Salver

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Ailsa Hollis Salver

Easter Congress Intermediate/Junior Pairs 5B Ailsa Hollis Salver

Played for at the Easter Congress Intermediate/Junior Pairs 5B Tournament. Ailsa Hollis joined the Auckland Bridge Club in the late 1940's and was an outstanding player and a very popular teacher. She was also a chess representative for New Zealand in Australia and at the Israeli Olympiad. Her last game at the ABC was in 1996, and she came first.

2014 1st equal Anne Barrowclough & Deborah Tangney and Anthony Wilson & Liz Wilcox
2015 Christine Lyons & Robert Brake
2016 Susan Burslem & Robyn Chalmers
2017 Carol Joseph & Robyn Chalmers
2018 Vincent He & Zachary Yan

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