Eileen Taylor Salver

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Eileen Taylor Salver

Donated in 1974 for an open tournament in February, the Bell Taylor Pairs. It is awarded to the top womens pair. Eileen Taylor for years was the sole women Grand Master in New Zealand. At home region and in New Zealand no women's team she played in lost a test match. She formed an outstanding partnership with Bruce Bell and with him won the National Teams title 11 times (see boards in the upstairs bridge room at the Club for a stunning display of their dominance over the years in championships).

2003 Julie Atkinson & Sue Weal
2004 Bev Guilford & Bev Henton
2005 Eileen Horsman & Carol Richardson
2006 Linda Cartner & Glenis Palmer
2007 Bev Henton & Jane Morris
2008 Debbie Smith & Kathrin Boardman
2009 Linda Cartner & Glenis Palmer
2010 Linda Cartner & Glenis Palmer
2011 Linda Cartner & Glenis Palmer
2012 Natalie Muller & Maureen O'Halloran
2013 Carol Richardson & Andi Boughey
2014 Liz Fisher & Pamela Canning
2015 Liz Fisher & Pamela Canning
2016 Cheryl Winsor & Susan Rowe
2017 Rosemary Matskow & Heather Salmons
2018 Linda Cartner & Steph Jacob
2019 Tracey Lewis & Sue Spurway

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