Warren Cup

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Warren Cup

Thursday EVE. New cup dated 1991 Championship Pairs (Honours Board). Also known as Warren and Williams Cup . The competition is in March .C D Warren was president in1939/42 and was made a Life Member in 1941. Bill williams joined the club in 1939 and was president in 1956/60 and was made a Life Member in 1945. During Bill's time as president the club found land in Airdale Street and with the help of debentures the clubrooms were built. Usually played in March. 

2003 Rudi de Graaff & Don Hayward
2004 Nick Fung & June Ip
2005 Phil McLachlan & Barbara Sutton
2006 Bob Ward & Laurel Webb
2007 Susan Stephens & Leslie Watt
2008 Mike Cooper & Mark Stevenson
2009 John Buckleton & Barry Palmer
2010 Barry Palmer & Neil Stuckey
2011 Barry Palmer & Neil Stuckey
2012 Mike Cooper & Mark Stevenson
2013 Allan Morris & Bev Morris
2014 Kathrin Boardman & Julie Atkinson
2015 Sylvester Riddell & Mark Robertson
2016 Peter McTaggart & Stephen Rogers
2017 Alan Taylor & Liz Ewart
2018 Mark Robertson & Sylvester Riddell
2019 Mark Robertson & Sylvester Riddell

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