Wes Dodd Cup

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Wes Dodd Cup

Donated in 1965 by Mrs Simpson. 5A Saturday tournament usually held in November. In the mid 1930's the Club moved to the Pacific building in the city. Irma and Wes Dodd joined then. Wes was made a Life Member in 1959. Irma still played for 20 years after the Club moved to the Remuera Road rooms in 1970.

2003 Liz Ewart & Alan Taylor
2004 Wayne Benefield & Gavin Bridges
2005 Grant Jarvis & Jan Cormack
2006 Julie Atkinson & Sue Weal
2007 Barry Jones & Jenny Millington
2008 Jan Cormack & Scott Smith
2009 Richard Solomon & GeO Tislevoll
2010 Jan Cormack & Grant Jarvis
2011 Grant Jarvis & Nick Jacob
2012 Derek Evennett & Alan Turner
2013 Jenna Gibbons & Julian Foster
2014 Richard Solomon & Gary Chen
2015 Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood
2016 Douglas Russell & Steve Boughey
2017 Michael Ware & Mike Curry
2018 Blair Fisher & Steve Boughey
2019 Malcolm Mayer & Rachelle Pelkman

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