West End Salver (QB)

West End Salver (QB)

This salver is awarded to the top pair in the 5A Pairs at the Queen's Birthday Congress usually played in June.

At Northern Club
1984 G Maklin B Sutton
1985 K Boardman S Lester
1986 E Gick N Clark
1987 Dr and Mrs Hannay
1988 M Abbott J Cormack

2000 Trudy Lange & Patsy Walters
2001 S Blackstock & S Henry
2002 Bev Henton Bev Guildford
2003 Linda Cartner  Glenis Palmer
2004 Nick Fung  T.P. Ranasinghe
2005 Barry Palmer  Andrew Tarbutt 
2006 Roy Ballard Don Hayward
2007 Helen Murray Brown Cheryl Winsor
2008 Dong Huang Nong Li
2009 Richard Solomon Jonathan Westoby
2010 Sylvester Riddell  Mark Robertson
2011 Richard Solomon Jonathan Westoby
2012 Wayne Benefield Helen Thornton
2013 Steve Boughey Carol Richardson
2014 John Wang Hank Ping
2015 Peer Bach Poul Bach
2016 Jeter Liu & Dong Huang
2017 Alma Kwan & Wayne Benefield
2018 Janet Barnard & Pauline Andrews
2019 Jonathan Westoby & Grant Jarvis
2020 No Play
2021 Gary Foidl & Ant Hopkins

Reference number T10