Akarana Cup

The Club is closed. Changes will be advised here.  Meanwhile we run two online tournaments daily, 7 days a week, on BBO open to all NZ players, and a Teams event is planned.  See Online bridge March 2020 Newsletter for details . To make a donation to Auckland Bridge Club Inc please pay online to ANZ Remuera 01 0258 0010388 00.

Championship Pairs for Section 1 on Tuesday EVE.

2003 Mike Dunn Bruce Geddes
2004 Gavin Bridges Leslie Watt
2005 Brian Ashwell Peter Tumewu-Oei
2006 Tani Blackburn Warren Cook
2007 Brett Hart Bob Menga
2008 Peer Bach Jane Snow
2009 John Khouri Sylvester Riddell
2010 Roy Ballard Don Hayward
2011 Trudy Lange Margaret Somers
2012 Nicky Bowers Joy Watkinson
2013 John Khouri Sylvester Riddell
2014 John Khouri Sylvester Riddell
2015 Douglas Russell Mark Robertson
2016 John Khouri Sylvester Riddell
2017 Pru Robertson Mike Cooper
2018 Graham Wakefield & Peter Hensman
2019 John Khouri & Sylvester Riddell

Reference number 209