Bennett Cup

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Bennett Cup

Wednesday EVE donated 2007, Section 1 Championship Pairs (Honours Board). Mrs Bennett was President in 1932. 

2003 Peter Downward Trish Downward
2004 Jan Ashwell Margaret MacKay
2005 Dave Gardiner Margaret MacKay
2006 Derek Miller Juliet Rowe
2007 Alan Morris Bev Morris
2008 Alan Morris Bev Morris
2009 Juliet Rowe Cheryl Parsons
2010 Ilo Hellaby Carol Joseph
2011 Fleur Punnett Gillian West
2012 Bruce Fenton Ruth Filler
2013 John O'Connor & Robin Topham
2014 Ruth Filler & Bruce Fenton
2015 Ruth Filler & Bruce Fenton
2016 Wayne Gyde & Donald Nelson
2017 Ian Handricks & John Wilson
2018 Sally Shentova & Bob Gibbons
2019 Raoul Daroux & Rob Mewa

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