Caddy Cup

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Caddy Cup

Caddy Cup, 7 sessions throughout the year in Section 1 Tuesday EVE. Mrs Caddy was one of the early members of the Club. She served as the Club's almoner (looking after members in need) for many years. A practical person she also organised the tea and sandwiches for years, and taught bridge in the 1960's. A very keen bridge player in the day and evening sessions --- her partners remember her with fondness.

2003 Mike Dunn & Bruce Geddes
2004 Owen Camp & Mac McKenzie
2005 Wayne Benefield & Neal Phillips
2006 Derek Alvares & Mark Robertson
2007 John Buckleton & Douglas Russell
2008 John Buckleton & Douglas Russell
2009 Neil Stuckey & Russell Watt
2010 Neil Stuckey & Russell Watt
2011 John Khouri & Sylvester Riddell
2012 Brent Mandel & & Russell Watt
2013 John Khouri & Sylvester Riddell 
2014 John Khouri & Sylvester Riddell 
2015 Mike Dunn & Mark Robertson
2016 Mike Dunn & Mark Robertson
2017 Mark Robertson & Mike Dunn
2018 John Khouri & Sylvester Riddell

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