Morgan Memorial Cup

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Morgan Memorial Cup

Thursday evening. Donated 1967. Men's Points trophy. The young Club was in financial difficulties, Mr Polly Morgan took over as secretary, sought new members and increased their financial contribution. The club survived. He acted as Treasurer and scorer and still had time to play bridge and win his own cup. He was the president in 1943/45 and was made a Life Member in 1943. He was an early partner of Bruce Bell, one of NZ's best players.

2003 Rudi de Graaff
2004 Derek Alvares
2005 Derek Alvares Ranjit Limaye
2006 Barry Palmer
2007 Mike Cooper
2008 Sylvester Riddell
2009 Sylvester Riddell Peer Bach John Khouri (3 way tie)
2010 Barry Palmer
2011 Stephen Rogers
2012 Sylvester Riddell
2013 Peer Bach
2014 Mark Robertson Sylvester Riddell
2015 Sylvester Riddell
2016 Mark Robertson Sylvester Riddell
2017 Alan Taylor
2018 Sylvester Riddell

Reference number 429