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Tournaments and special events

Scoring adjustments

The time period for adjustments for events eligible for A or B Masterpoints may be as short as 30 minutes from the end of the final session of that event, and is determined by the Director of the event. Unless a Director indicates otherwise, results from Club sessions can be amended up to two working days after a session. If prizes have already been awarded at an event they will not be taken back and given to other entrants, should a scoring adjustment alter final placings. However any scoring adjustment will be recognised for Masterpoint purposes so long as the adjustments are made within the correct time period.

Results on this website

The Director will, at her or his discretion, decide whether scoring adjustments are material and if so to make corrections to the information on this site if the changes took place after the results were posted onto these pages. Should the Director feel the adjustments are no more than minor in nature then the site may not be corrected to reflect the adjustments.

System cards

Ideally all players should carry a system card.

A NZ or Australian system card is required by all "A" and "B" point events players: visit NZB Website or a card if you do not already have one. Players without a card or with incomplete, inaccurate or illegible cards may be penalised by the Director. Also see the Forms page for some sample ACOL and Standard American system cards.