Partial club re-open, see Home page. We also offer regular online bridge: please click RealBridge.

The extensive Club Rooms have two kitchens, large downstairs and upstairs open plans rooms, a lift, plenty of services and a substantial car park. In addition each room has a 2.5 metre screen, microphone, projector and sound system which can be run from standard laptop computers. Click on the link AV instructions to see how to use the equipment. There is an internet wireless service with limited capacity for the use of event organisers (not attendees).  A rough plan of the site is below.

Special rates can apply for Auckland Bridge Club members. Other rentals are from about $450 a day.  Please note that additional charges may be levied for consumables, table cloth laundry, housekeeping, damage and breakages. A bond may be required in advance of room hire, as well as the signing of a simple agreement. The bond will vary with the type of event: for example a 21st party may require a higher bond than some other events.

Please email the Club Office by clicking on the link Club Office. Sponsors and advertisers may also be interested in the other offerings of the Club on the Sponsors page.

The downstairs room can accommodate up to 200 people, and about 120 upstairs.

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