August 2020 newsletter

Closed but ...

We hope the current lock down will be only for a short time. In the meantime the Auckland Bridge Club is running BBO Online bridge sessions again while closed.  

Mondays     18 Boards at 1:00 pm and 18 boards at 7:00 pm
Tuesdays   No daytime session, but 27 boards at 7:00 pm
Wednesdays  18 Boards at 1:00 pm and 18 boards at 7:00 pm
Thursdays   18 Boards at 1:00 pm and 18 boards at 7:00 pm
Fridays     27 Boards at 1:00 pm, but no evening session
Saturdays   18 Boards at 1:00 pm and 18 boards at 7:00 pm
Sundays No daytime session, but 27 boards at 7:00 pm; (IMP scoring)

Please note  Julie Atkinson will run a 12 Board session for Junior level players at 10.00 am on Thursday

The Auckland Bridge Club's bank details are ANZ Remuera 01 0258 0010388 00. If you'd like to make a donation and require a tax receipt, please contact the Club Office at  or leave a message on 09 524 5562.


We are keen to re-open.  As before, we'll kick right back into the club schedule as if we'd not closed.  We shall follow advice about re-opening, as before.

Member survey and start time changes

We sent 568 email invitations to members regarding the experimental changes to session start times and received 418 responses (nearly three-quarters which is excellent for any survey), along with some manual replies. The level of participation is encouraging and provides a worthwhile measure of the views of members.

The link to review the survey questions and results is  ==>   <==

We conducted some spot checks on who voted on which questions and concluded:-

  • We can’t please everyone
  • Members generally agree on two things --- they like 26-ish boards per session, and Friday daytime parking is a problem
  • To most questions there is an almost perfect split in votes for and against each start time option
  • About half of members like earlier daytime starts, half don’t
  • About half of evening players prefer earlier starts, half don't
  • Many daytime players value socialising over lunch: who doesn't?


  • NEW Tuesday afternoon session upstairs at 1:20 PM from 1 st September as a trial until year end following a similar format to Thursday AM supervised play, but slightly more challenging.  We had 105 positive responses to the new session with 24 saying they would attend regularly, and 81 occasionally.
  • BONUS Play both Friday AM and PM sessions on the same day and pay for just one session, two-for-one offer until 18 th December for the very keen!

Starting Tuesday 1 st September until Friday 18 th December, we’ll run with the schedule below. Please make sure your fellow members and partners are aware.



From re-open to 18th Dec 2020

Mon AM 10:30
Lunch break, 26-ish boards
Mon EVE 7:00 lesson, 7:30
supervised play, 12 boards, beginner and novice
Tue PM 1:20 PM NEW
More challenging supervised play, upstairs,15 Boards, Novice+ and Junior
Starts week after we re-open so we can notify players
We shall email details to 105 people who expressed interest in the new session, plus attendees of the Thu AM session
Tue EVE 7:15
Wed AM 11:00
26-ish boards
Wed EVE 7:15
24 boards
Thu AM 10:00
Supervised play, 15 boards, Novice & Junior
Thu EVE 7:15
26-ish boards
Fri AM 10:00
24 boards
Fri PM 1:20
BONUS Players attending both the Friday AM and Friday PM sessions
on the same day have a two-for-one offer (one table money payment for both sessions)
Interclub 7:30
Tournaments See NZB Tournaments website
Lessons As advised, regular through the year.  Contact the Club Office for details.

 Once again, many thanks for participating in the survey. The last time AKBC changed session times was in 1998.

21st August 2020