Clubhub Login, Session Tickets and Subscriptions

  • Log in to Clubhub to buy electronic club session tickets, and for annual subscriptions

    To purchase tickets: from the Clubhub menu, select Tasks and then Make a Purchase.  You would typically purchase 1 set of 10 session vouchers for $80.00 (the second option).  Click Continue, and then make your payment as below.

  • Payment is by (preferably) a major credit card, or direct bank transfer

    To pay for your tickets by credit or debit card, click Make a Paymrent on the screen that appears after you click Continue.  Or select the option from the Clubhub menu:  Tasks and then Make a Payment.

    Click Pay By Credit Card and enter your credit card details on the next screen, or
    If you wish to use Internet Banking, click Pay By Bank Transfer and follow the directions on the screen, or
    If all else fails you can pay at the club office by EFTPOS.

  • Those unable to use Clubhub, or either a credit card or direct bank transfer may use EFTPOS at the Club Office

  • Since our local ANZ Remuera bank branch has closed permanently, we accept cheques or cash under exceptional circumstances

    Bank account for direct transfers: ANZ Remuera, 01 0258 0010388 00, remember to put your name in the Reference Field, and your Clubhub identifier (a number like CH-00999999)  in the Particulars Field as a transfer reference.

Click HERE to log in to your member account at Clubhub.
  • To see your remaining balance of Tickets, from the Clubhub menu, select Tasks and e-Voucher Balance.  You will be reminded by email when your balance gets below three tickets.