Life members

In recognition of their contribution to the Club, Life Members have full use of the Club and are not liable for any Club subscription. They are elected at the AGM following nomination by the Committee and 75% voting support.

1934 R McNamara
Mrs R McNamara
1940 NO Morgan
1941 P Scaletti
1943 CD Warren
1944 JA Cahill
1945 WF Williams
1946 Miss P Coutts
1947 HW Shackleford
1952 Mrs WF Williams
1959 JWS Dodd
1961 Mrs RC Caddy
1964 HW McCowan
JL Otter
1967 J Hughes
1970 Mrs AE Raynes
1971 FJ Jalfon
Mrs HO Taylor
1972 Miss A Hollis
1988 Mrs KWH Woollams
1991 Mrs SJ Atkinson
Mrs M Milne
H Littlewood
1992 Mrs I Dodd
1995 Mrs KJ Sayers
2000 F Pezaro
Mrs JS Clark
2001 Mrs JH Barnard
2005 Mrs A Gilbert
2010 O Hayward
2013 RJ Watt
2015 Mrs J Hunter
A Barrowclough