Please contact me to secure my generous donation. Please also refer to the information on Bequests.

Contact name
In which capacity would you like to donate? In my name
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How much, or what, do you wish to donate?
Is this a ... Annual recurring donation
One time donation
Please provide me with a tax receipt Yes

You can make a donation using EFTPOS at the Club Office during working hours. If donating online to ANZ Remuera 01 0258 0010388 00, please remember to put your name as a transfer reference.

The Auckland Bridge Club Incorporated is a NZ charity registration number CC38616. This means that you can reclaim one third of your donation at the end of the tax year by applying for a tax credit from the IRD, along with the receipt from the Auckland Bridge Club, using form IR526. Please go to the IRD Form Guide or search the Inland Revenue Dept website.

The Club wil provide you with a Donation receipt.

In other words, your donation of $1,000 provides the Club with the full value and you should subsequently receive a $333.33 refund. 

Special note: if your donation is to a party other than Auckland Bridge Club, then the Club will pass your information onwards but we cannot accept funds on behalf of third party due to the complexity of charity legislation.