The club has been fortunate to have had the services of many fine directors over the years.  The role is crucial to the smooth operation of each session, and necessitates the skilled and diplomatic application of the laws of bridge together with the technically difficult tasks of setting up the movements and scoring.

The names of the many directors have not been recorded as a rule, and below is just a partial list that will be expanded as new names come to light.

Miss Coutts   - sixties to eigthies
Billie Tohill - sixties to eigthies
Mrs Gulson - eighties
Mrs Caddy - eithties
Janet Barnard - seventies to eighties
Cliff Rickard - eithties
Miriam Milne - nineties
Jo Clarke - nineties
Roy Ballard - eighties to nineties
Gavin Bridges - eighties to nineties
Gladys Cook - eighties to nineties
Fran Pezaro - eighties to nineties
Alan Dodunski - eighties to nineties

Patrick Carter - 1991 to date