The Club is closed. Changes will be advised here.  Meanwhile we run two online tournaments daily, 7 days a week, on BBO open to all NZ players, and a Teams event is planned.  See Online bridge March 2020 Newsletter for details . To make a donation to Auckland Bridge Club Inc please pay online to ANZ Remuera 01 0258 0010388 00.

The Board meets about ten times a year, and has a supporting smaller Governance Committee which meets as required. The Board and Officers are elected by members each year at the Club's Annual General Meeting.  The Regional Recorder's and Bridge Conduct Sub-Committee details are below. Also see the lists of Presidents since 1931 and the Life members.

2020 Board

Name Officer
Barrowclough Anne Treasurer
Anthony Hopkins  President
Sylvester Riddell
Mark Robertson
Terry Melhuish
Peter Hoskins
Wayne Gyde
Tangney Deborah Club Manager non-voting

Bridge Conduct Sub-Committee

The Club President chairs the group of five experienced players. Issues should be raised either by posting a letter to the Club addressed to the Bridge Conduct Committee, Auckland Bridge Club or by email to the Club President (and NOT to the General Committee). The Conduct Committee aims to conclude their discussions within one month of receipt of a written query.

Regional Recorder

Players with concerns which they may not wish to raise with either the Director or with the Bridge Conduct Sub Committee are also free to contact their Regional Recorder, Russell Watt.

A bridge Recorder is an experienced player who is available for informal advice; this could be about an issue of play, bidding or etiquette. Any bridge player may contact the Recorder to help them decide whether to take an incident to formal appeal, or just to report a concern about another bridge player’s behaviour (at or away from the table).

Communications with a Recorder should remain strictly confidential to that person alone. A Recorder receives, investigates communicates, as appropriate, with those involved with a reported incident, especially the reporter and the subject. A record of all incident reports, along with records of investigation and resolution, is maintained.

The Recorder may make or assist with an impartial presentation of evidence to a disciplinary committee or may present a complaint to his or her appointing organisation. The New Zealand Bridge Board appoints a national Recorder, who is available for consultation at national events. Each of the seven regional committees should appoint a Regional recorder, who , whenever possible, should be available at regional events and tournaments.