Auckland Bridge Club

  • ALERTING is just like at the club—alert partner's bid, announce 1♣ and 1NT
  • Rudeness and discourtesy will not be tolerated. Please contact the director immediately.


  • During the play if your camera or audio glitches, try pressing the redial icon which is at the bottom of the screen to the right of your name next to the eye icon
  • If you are disconnected, log back in with exactly the same name and number (capitalisation and spaces matter) - you will automatically resume your seat.
  • The gray cog wheel settings icon lets you can change the look of the cards, and change the input from a single press to a double press
  • Your microphone is very sensitive—if you can hear a noise in the background then so can your microphone—and the rest of the table. Locate that mute button to the left of your name
  • Not receiving the results email at the end of the session? Perhaps it has been going into your spam folder. If so, you need to 'white list' these email addresses: and This article describes how to go about it: How to White List
  • When you go to top up your account balance please don't create a new account - you already have one. If you cannot remember your username go through the lost username/password process.
Audio or Video issues?
  • Do you have your camera, microphone, or speakers off or muted in your device settings?
  • Did you authorise to use your camera and microphone when you logged in? If not, you can quit right out of RealBridge and log in again.
  • In your browser settings - privacy section - your camera or sound may be turned off.
  • Is some other program using your camera or sound?
  • Are you using a VPN?
  • Are you using an old version of Edge or Safari, or any version of Internet Explorer?
  • In the address bar of your browser try clicking the padlock icon if you have one - that shows the permissions you have granted the site

  • Try moving closer to your WIFI router.
  • Is your battery low? Try plugging it into the power while you play, or getting a faster charger.
  • If you are using an iPad, checkout the section below.

Rubber Bridge Scoring

Contracts - Trick Value
 ♣ /   / ♠  NT
1 20 30 40
2 40 60 70
3 60 90 100
4 80 120 130
5 100 150 160
6 120 180 190
7 140 210 220

Not Vul. Vul.
Small 500 750
Grand 1,000 1,500

Three Games 500
Two Games 700

Unfinised Matches
Unconverted game 300
Unconverted part score 50
Not Vul. Vul.
Doubled 100 200
Redoubled 200 400

Not Doubled Doubled
Not Vul. Vul. Not Vul. Vul
1 50 100 100 200
2 100 200 300 500
3 150 300 500 800
4 200 400 800 1,100
5 250 500 1,100 1,400
6 300 600 1,400 1,700
7 350 700 1,700 2,000

Other Bonuses
4 trump honours in one hand 100
5 trump honours in one hand 150
4 aces in one hand (NT) 150
Making a doubled contract 50
Making a redoubled contract 100


iPad issues after upgrading to iOS 15

Apple released iOS version 15.0 in September and 15.1 in October. In these releases they changed a setting relating to browser-based audio and video. This has caused issues for some players. If you have upgraded to iOS 15, we recommend a settings change, which resets this functionality to what it was in earlier versions.

If you have any iPad users who are experiencing new problems after upgrading to iOS 15.0 or 15.1, please ask them to follow the instructions here:

or the video here:

Mac issues after upgrading to macOS 12 (Monterey)

Apple released MacOS version 12 in October. In this release they changed a setting relating to browser-based audio and video, for Safari users. This has caused issues for some players.

If you have are experiencing new problems after upgrading to MacOS 12 (Monterey), please to follow the instructions here:</>

or the video here:

Low sound volume on iPad Pro

After upgrading an iPad Pro to iOS 15, users may suffer from very low sound volume. To solve this problem, use the new iPad Volume Boost function within RealBridge.