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• Updated UNDO Policy - clik the Info button for more details

Double Dummy Analysis: Click here for a description.

• Display a Convention Card: Click the new convention card icon - a box to the right of your name label - to load a link to your convention card (it must be a shared file on the web - Dropbox, GoogleDrive etc.)

Categories: near the top of the Scores page for pairs events, you can show or sort by player Grade or Club (once these have been loaded for the session by the director).
Switch View: top left in the lobby there is a button, SWITCH VIEW (it has been there since the start but most people don't notice).  Click it to see the tables laid out in a different format; click it again to return to the old layout.

Upcoming Events

📅 RealBridge bidding contest - a new one each month - more details here.

📅 Gumboot Coffee Online Pairs - Sunday afternoons 1pm in April -  prizes cash and coffee.  Entry fee $11 per session.

📅 Dan Gifford National Rubber Champs - Feeling lucky? This highly enjoyable form of the game is a real leveler where any grade of player could advance to the finals in Mt Maunganui and claim a valuable prize. Your club has been forwarded a flyer and rules (only basic systems allowed).  Matches can be played from home or at your club. Give it a go and enjoy the social enjoyment it provides. Entries to close on April 1 2024.

📅 Easter Congress (March 30 -April 1 Auckland Bridge Club)

📅 Inter-club Teams. Entries for this popular on-line Friday night event are now being taken via email by hosts Auckland Bridge Club. No team entry fee – players pay table money via Hello accounts. Last year we had over 50 teams for the three grades (Open, Intermediate and Junior). Players can play up a grade and can use as many subs as they wish. A great chance for Auckland and Northland players to enjoy each other’s company.  Entries close on March 15 and the event will start March 22. An assisted learner’s session will be offered on March 15 for those players new to Real Bridge.