Auckland Bridge Club

Upcoming Events

Note:  At the end of session be sure to LEAVE the table (or close the browser window) otherwise your video and audio will to be continue to broadcast to the table, using bandwidth and maybe someone at the table might see/overhear something they oughtn't.

📅 Howick Open 3A and Intermediate 5B - CLUB - Sat 29 Jun - details here.

📅 Learn to Play Bridge Course - 15 weeks starting Thu 4 July - CLUB.  More details here.

📅 Mt Albert Intermediate 5B Pairs - Sat 6 July - CLUB.  More details here.

📅 Thursday 8B Pairs - Thu 11 July - ONLINE.  Starts at 9.45am.  Register here.

📅 Kiwi Pairs on BBO - Hosted by Patricck - ONLINE - almost every Sunday 7pm.