BBO Online bridge instructions and schedule


Tournaments during Lockdown are

Sunday Feb 28th 7:00pm - 27 Boards
Monday March 1st 1:00pm - 27 Boards
Beginners and Novices Monday March 1st 7:00pm - 12 Boards
Tuesday March 2nd 1:00pm - 24 Boards
Tuesday March 2nd 7:00pm - 24 Boards
Wednesday March 3rd 1:00pm - 24 Boards
Wednesday March 3rd 7:00pm - 24 Boards
Inexperienced Players Thursday March 4th 10:00am - 15 Boards
Thursday March 4th 7:00pm - 27 Boards
Friday March 5th 1:00pm - 24 Boards
Friday March 5th 7:00pm - 24 Boards
Saturday March 6th 7:00pm - 27 Boards

Your hosts are usually Patrick Carter (BBO name Patricck) or Julie Atkinson (BBO name Qwikjanz)

You'll find them in the Competitive part of BBO in "Free Tournaments." The tournament name includes "KIWI" (search for kiwi on the top right-ish of the screen).  The events appear on the Bridge Base Schedule about 2 hours before the scheduled start time.

Both Directors have a maximum of 40 pairs in one tournament

If one tournament is set up but it is full and more pairs want to enter then that tournament may be cancelled in order to set up two smaller tournaments

If two tournaments have been set up but there are less than 40 pairs in the two tournaments combined, then the one with smaller entries may be cancelled and the limit increased to 40 on the larger tournament so that everyone can play in the same event

If one of those things happens you will need to register for the new tournament. The Director cannot transfer your entry. Log back on BBO with a few minutes to spare, just in case.

(If there is a change the start will be delayed by about 3 minutes to give any confused players time to realise what is happening)

Instructions for Joining and Playing on Bridge Base

There is this youtube video on how to register

You'll need to remember your username and password because there is no lost password functionality. After a time, BBO asks for your email address, but there seems to be no way to enter it directly.

Playing bridge on BBO Online (the basics)

BBO: and click the red ‘Play Bridge Now’ button,

or go directly to

How to get a BBO login (it’s free!):

Basic how to’s:

More basic how to’s here: