2021 Interprovincial Teams Tournament (IP)

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We are shut again until further notice. 

Saturday 20th to Monday 22nd November

ONLINE (not at 273 Remuera Road, Remuera 1050 Auckland). Details from NZB.

Hosted this year by Auckland Bridge Club, the venue is easy to access, enjoy and exit without steps or stairs.


Entry is by pre-qualification. Trials (or selection) for the Open, Senior, Women and Intermediate groups took place in May for the seven provinces of Auckland-Northland, Waikato Bays, Central Districts, Wellington, Top of the South, Canterbury and Otago Southland. We expect 112 players and 7 team captains. Each team has four groups, each group with four players making 16 players from each province, plus their captain. Each province will, in due course, appoint a captain or chef de mission.

See the NZB Tournaments website to enter the Trials in your province.


Auckland-Northland will be defending the Dougal McLean Trophy. The trophy winners score the highest across the four groups. This often means that the championship centres on the results of the Intermediate team, so no pressure there then! Previous results are HERE. Masterpoints are awarded against a special scale for the Trials and Championships, see IP Masterpoints


Good health is important: we encourage unwell people to leave the premises promptly, or better still, not show up. There will be substitutes available in the unfortunate event of a contestant feeling poorly.


  • Saturday November 20th at 10:45 am, ends about 7 pm
  • Sunday 9:30 am start, ends about 7:15 pm
  • Monday 9 am am start, ends about 2 pm

Players should book flights departing from Auckland Airport no earlier than 3:30 pm.

If a team has a challenging return flight schedule the team captain should request a final round bye from the Director months before the start of the event and before booking tickets (we can't manage two teams requesting a last round bye!).


Each group has 12 matches playing twice against every other province over the 3 days, with two byes (matches not played). These are classic teams matches scored in IMPs and converted to VPs. More on the format nearer the time.


Arrange your own as needed.

Local transport

Please arrange your own as needed.

However we plan a shuttle service after play on Monday 22nd from the bridge club to Auckland Airport after play end, subject to sufficient demand. Please could team captains collate any shuttle requirements and provide them to the event co-ordinator on the first day of the event.

Several bus routes service the club and a train station is 10 minutes walk. Check HERE for public transport information.

There is ample parking.

Flight supplements

Players may be eligible for limited financial assistance from NZ Bridge for air and road travel.  Details from team captains after IP Trials in May.

Food and refreshment

Morning tea, sandwich lunch, snacks and afternoon tea will be provided daily by Auckland Bridge Club. Captains should collate their team's lunch orders before the start of play each day. We have limited capacity to cater for special diets.


The Club has visitor internet wireless services: the password is displayed on the Club Office's internal window.

Event co-ordinator

Ant Hopkins 021 40 75 40 (and not , please, the Auckland Bridge Club Office).


Because selected matches are to be on the internet in real-time, players and captains must switch off mobile phones and other electronic devices during session time.


To be advised. 


Exit to the far corner of the car park. Captains should complete a team count and report to the Fire Marshall.

Summary of captains' responsibilities

NZB have a document describing captains' (chefs des missions) bridge role. From the viewpoint of Auckland Bridge Club ...

  • Don't hesitate to ask for help as needed from the Auckland Bridge Club 
  • Look after your team
  • Order lunches for your team each day before the start of play
  • If you need request a bye in the final round, ask the Director MONTHS before the start of the event
  • Book any end-of-event airport shuttles at the start of the event
  • Check on your team's health for snuffles, sniffles etc, every day
  • In the event of an emergency, conduct team count and report to Fire Marshall

What's missing????


DRAFT 4th Feb 2021

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