November 2018 Newsletter

Another newsletter, how time flies when you are having fun at bridge

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  • Mark in your diay
  • Report on AGM
  • Membership
  • Helper of the Month
  • Standbys Required
  • 2019 Programme Book and 2019 Invoices
  • NZ Bridge Certificates
  • Directors Corner
  • Club Results
  • Tournament Results
  • 2018 Interprovincials

Mark in your Diary

Club Restricted Evening                1 Dec
Final day of Bridge                        21 Dec
Babich NZ Wide Pairs 5A               3, 4, 5 Jan
Opening for New Year 2019          14 Jan 

Report on AGM – Sunday 4 November

 There was a quorum.

  • Murray Weatherston was nominated and elected as President
  • Sharon Marryatt was nominated and elected as Treasurer.
  • Sue Reed did not offer to stand for re-election and retired b rotation.  No other nominations were received. 

2018 Committee duly elected:

Mark Robertson
Anne Barrowclough
Wayne Gyde
Terry Melhuish
Murray Weatherston
Sharon Marryatt

Murray gave his President’s report for the year.  This is available on the website. 
There was a presentation to congratulate Patrick Carter who has been directing at the club for 25 years!
The Annual Report was presented by Sharon Marryatt.  This is also available on the website.
There was good discussion and the meeting was followed by lunch and a social game of Bridge.


Welcome to new and returning members –Valerie Hancox, Margie McKee, Barbara Foreman, Brenda Mauger, Phillipa Wall, Rosemary Wallace, Derek Bartosh,, Malcolm Taylor, Rhondda Sweetman, Jenny Vernon, Bart Meo, Alex Baker, Marjory  Botting, Dorothy McCarrison, Sally Blythe, Anthony Edley and Sara Worth.
Sadly we have farewelled - Tulsi Vasdudev and Pam Sikkema (member over 30 years)

Helpers of the Month

Thank you to Margaret Vodanovich and Gillian West – two of our amazing evening standbys.

 Standbys Needed

We are looking for people who are prepared to be Standbys for both day-time and evening Bridge.  If you can help, please contact the Office.

2019 Programme Book

This will be available early December. The book is blue and this will be matched with the 2019 car park cards.

Invoices for 2019 Subscription

These will be coming out to you in early December.

 NZ Bridge Certificates Awarded in July

Congratulations for the new rankings for the following players.
Silver Grand Master - Neil Stuckey
Grand Master - Leslie Watt
Provincial Master - Sharon Marryatt
Club Master - Heather Anderson
Certificate of Proficiency -  Ann Simich, Kathryn Barcham, Diedre Botting, Sue Bryant & Marie Murray

 We would love to hear from YOU …

  • Did you play a particularly challenging (or otherwise interesting hand?
  • Did you experience an example of good sportsmanship?
  • Do you wish to make a semi-regular contribution to the Newsletter?
  • If so, please email Julie or Ann in the Office

Director’s Corner

After hearing Patrick giving some serious talks about Dummy during daytime bridge recently here is a reminder about what Dummy is allowed to do and what Dummy is not allowed to do.

DUMMY is NOT allowed to:

  • Ask a Defender about a possible revoke.
  • Draw attention, before the hand is over, to any irregularity, once it has been committed
  • Point out how many tricks have been won or lost.
  • Suggest the Director be called before another player draws attention to the irregularity
  • Take any part in the play of the hand except to play the card as Declarer tells him, nor may he communicate anything about the play to Declarer.
  • Ask any questions or make any comments on the hand.

DUMMY IS allowed to:

  • Keep track of tricks won or lost for his own information.
  • Play the cards of the dummy as Declarer’s agent as directed
  • Warn one of the other players he has put a quitted card in the wrong position, but only until the next trick is started.
  • Try to prevent Declarer from committing an irregularity. For example saying, “In Dummy” when he is about to take a card from his hand. BUT it would be too late to warn him once he has ‘played’ the card.
  • Try to prevent Declarer from establishing a revoke, for example saying, “Having no clubs?”

2017 Rules of Duplicate Bridge

2018 September – October Club Results

September Pairs Sect A


John Khouri & Sylvester Riddell

September Pairs Sect B


Susan Glennie & Sally Cole

September Pairs Sect A


Setsuko Lichtnecker & Peer Bach

September Pairs Sect B


Anne Miller & Suzanne Stevenson

September Pairs Sect B


Leif Hakansson & Richard Parkinson

September Pairs


John O'Connor & Wayne Oakley

Equinox Pairs Sect A


John Ruddell & Alison Ruddell

Equinox Pairs Sect


Bruce Forbes & Marianne Forbes

Katherine Sayers Salver


Bev Guilford & Sue Spencer

October Pairs


Miriam Field & Jan Brown

October Pairs A


John Khouri & Sylvester Riddell

October Pairs B


Rachel Ronaldson &
Margaret Vodanovich

Matchpoint Pairs A


Peer Bach & Setsuko Lichtnecker

Matchpoint B


Jenny Peryer and Vivienne Redding

Malcom Sims Pairs


Penny McRoibie & George Wilkinson

Morgan Championship Cup A


Setsuko Lichtnecker & Peer Bach

Championship Pairs B


Coral Unsworth & Glen Thompson

Joan McCowan Cup


Ian Handricks & John O'Connor

Spring Teams


John O’Connor, Wayne Oakley,
 Mark Robertson, Sylvester Riddell

Tournament Results

Franklin 3A pairs 2nd Jan Cormack and Grant Jarvis

2018 Congress

NZ Open Pairs Patrick & Julie 3rd in Semi final
NZ Teams Patrick and Julie in the up to around of16
Back to the future teams 4th = Mark Robertson, John O’Connor, Peter Hensman, Sylvester Riddell
Restricted Swiss Pairs - 3rd  Carol Joseph & Sharon Marryatt, 5th John O’Connor & Peter Hensman
Open Swiss Pairs - N/S 2nd Val Gardiner & Peter Gill, 4th Neil Stuckey & Glenis Palmer
NZ Point a Board Teams - 4= Sylvester Riddell, Fuxia Wen, Christine Wilson & Mark Robertson
Walk in Goulash Pairs - N/S 1st Val Gardiner & Michael Courntney
NZ Senior Teams - 1st Russell & Leslie Watt, Janet Barnard, Nola Clark
NZ Senior Pairs - 2nd Alan & Bev Morris
NZIntermediateTeams - 1st Wayne Smith, Garth Robinson, Graeme Duns, Stuart Grant  4th Ming High, Heather Robertson, Candice Doyle, Karen Smith
NZ Intermediate Pairs – 1st Wayne Smith & Stuart Grant, 6th Ming High & Heather Robertson

Mt Albert 8B Restricted – 1st Russell Watt & Jan Ashwell,
Dargaville 5A Open Pairs – 1st Patrick Carter & Grant Jarvis
Thursday 8B Teams – 1st Owen Camp, Malcolm Mayer, Candice Doyle and Karen Smith. 2nd Anne Gelb, Jennifer Perkins, Penny McRobie and Judith Chandler. 3rd Tony Morcom, Ming High, Elaine and Bruce Fisher.

Hamilton Labour Weekend Congress

Teams 1st Cormack team – Jan Cormack & team and 2nd Carter team – Julie Atkinson and Patrick Carter & team
Swiss Pairs  1st Owen Camp & Mike Curry’ 3rd Christine Wilson & Andrew Tarbutt. 4th Glenis Palmer & Linda Cartner

Wes Dodd 5A Pairs – 1st Blair Fisher & Steve Boughey, 3rd Stanley Abrahams and John O”Connor;
North Shore 5B 2nd Leah Andrews & Anna Powell
Orewa 3A pairs – 2nd Leslie Watt & Cheryl Winsor, 3rd Linda Cartner & Barry Palmer 
Waiheke 8B Restricted – 2nd Bianca van Rangelrooy & Mark Lynn
NZ Wide 3A pairs Auckland   1st Clair Miao & Gary Chen 2nd Lee Moselen & Jessica Morris
NZ Overall Results; over 990 pairs participated – 9th Tracey Lewis & Andrew, 10th Neil Stuckey & Christine Wilson, 17th Peer Bach & Setsuko Lichtnecker
East Coast Bays 8B pairs – 2nd Candice Doyle & Karen, 4th Trudy Lange & Cheryl Parsons
Rawhiti 8B Pairs -  1st Owen Camp & Malcolm Mayer
Colbeck Point Cup for 2018 Thursday tournaments – Owen Camp
Waitemata 3A 2nd Douglas Russell and Steve Boughey 
Waitemata 5B – 1st Heather Robertson and Ming High 2nd Jan Bennett and Karen Smith

Interclub  Congratulations

The 2018  Interclub Open was won by the Auckland team.

 Do you have any trophies at home?

They are needed NOW so please return to the office.

 2018 Interprovincials

The Auckland Club hosted this national event 24 to 26 November. This competition has teams from Auckland/Northland, Waikato/Bay of Plenty, Central Districts, Wellington, Top of the South, Canterbury and Otago/Southland competing in Open, Seniors, Women and Intermediate events.

Auckland Club members who are in Auckland Northland teams are:
Senior Women – Linda Cartner & Glenis Palmer
Seniors – Barry Palmer, Neil Stuckey, Peter Hensman & John O’Connor
Intermediates – Candice Doyle, Karen Smith, Cheryl Parsons & Takayo Yanagisawa
Chef de Mission was Douglas Russell
Designer Team Tee shirt – Bianca Van Rangelrooy

ANR Senior Women were 1st and ANR Seniors were 1st