2018 July Newsletter

July 2018 Newsletter

Another newsletter, how time flies when you are having fun at bridge

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  • Mark in your diay
  • Membership
  • Helper of the Month
  • Improver Lessons
  • Club Results
  • Tournament Results
  • Rules Protocol and Etiquette
  • Pink Ribbon thank you

Mark in your Diary

North Island 20A Pairs  4/5 August
Grace Joel, Edmund Hilary Thursday 8B Pairs      9 August
Interclub     17 August
Improver Lessons Start 30 August
Billie Tohill 3A Pairs   1 September
Tudor Rosebowl 5B pairs 1 September
National Congress 29 Sep – 6 Oct

Membership News

Welcome to new and returning members -

Meg Fenton, Anthony Wilson, Sarah Caughey, Donna Barrett, Anne Norman, Penny Swarbrick, Stephanie Sayes, Sarah Caughey, Loretta Verry, Michelle Long, Ross Colville, Wendy Colville, Karen Holder, Christine Smith, Colin Chan, Geneva Chan, Harry Bhana, Verena Ruedi, Helen Wong, Helen Norris, Peter Goffin, Roger Wilkinson, Julie Nicholls, Joy Stevens, Anne Leonard, Janey Hay, Margot Moller, David Syder, John Mahoney, John Cockcroft,Eleanor Spencer, Maria Loverich, Margaret Watterson, Bruce Gulley – (welcoming 25 from beginner lessons)

 Sadly, we said farewell

to Anne Cartwright (34 years)

Helper of the Month

This month it is to a member who quietly did a job that just needed doing.  Anthony is our go to man for help with the website and scoring issues on NZ Bridge.

Anthony Hopkins for Support with Website and NZ Bridge Results

Improver Lessons

A set of 10 lessons aimed at Junior and Novice players with tutor Douglas Russell

Starting Thursday 30 August 

  1. Stayman
  2. Blackwood
  3. General play techniques
  4. Play in NT contracts
  5. Play in suit contracts
  6. Opening leads
  7. Signals and discards
  8. General defensive play
  9. Minimum, Invitational and Game Force bids
  10. More on doubles

Check website or club noticeboards for details

Club Results

June Swiss Pairs SA


Jimmy Ching & George Lo

June Pairs Section SB


Hugh Caughley & Ray Kingston

June Pairs Section SA


Elaine and Bruce Fisher

June Pairs Section SB


Peter Hoskin & Kathrin Fraser

June Pairs


Leif Hakansson & Richard Parkinson

June Pairs


Trudy Lange & Brent Mandel

June Pairs SA


Heather Robertson & Sharon Marryatt

June Pairs SB


Sue Sundberg & Mary Swaffield

Helen Blyth Salver


Neil Stuckey & Julie Atkinson

Tournament Results

Logan Campbell 8B Swiss Pairs -1st Anisia Shami & Mike Curry, Top Intermediate Pair – Jan Ashwell & Juliet Rowe
Howick 5B -3rd Heather Robertson & Wayne Smith, 4th Jessica Morris & Lee Moselen
Hamilton 5A teams – 1st Julie Atkinson, Patrick Carter & team mates Liz and Barry, 3rd Linda Cartner & team mates Grant, Jo and Sam
North Shore 8B Restricted. -1st Douglas Russell & Jenny, 3rd Anthony Hopkins & Martin Jacques
ANRC regional 10A Teams - 2nd Anisia Shami, Owen Camp, Mike Curry and Pam Canning
Matamata 5A Pairs - 2nd Russell Wilson & Patrick Carter

Rules Protocol and Etiquette

We have just given our new novice group a very simplified talk about rules, protocol and etiquette and we thought it worthy of a mention to all our members. – notes  by Douglas Russell – more detail in the 2017 Laws of Bridge.

The Laws of Bridge

  • These are designed so that everyone follows the rules of the game
  • Breaches of the laws include things like making an insufficient bid, leading out of turn, revoking, etc
  • There are fixed penalties for breaching the laws
  • In any case, the Director should be called and will rule on what happens
  • Somewhat less obvious are things like a failure to alert, taking advantage of unauthorised information (like a long pause in the bidding or defence), etc
  • Again, the Director should be called and will rule

 Protocol at the table

 The Stop Card is used when you make a bid above the lowest you could have

  • Eg, Right Hand Opponent bids 1§ and you want to bid 2♥
  • The correct procedure is to place the Stop Card in front of your Left Hand Opponent, make your bid, count to 10 and then remove the Stop Card
  • Your opponent must wait until you remove the Stop Card before bidding

*    The Alert Card is used when you make a bid which is artificial and whose meaning you have agreed with your partner, but may not be obvious to the opponents

  • Eg, your partner bids 1NT and you make a transfer bid of 2♥ to show 5+ ♠
  • The correct procedure is for  the partner of the player making the artificial bid to place the Alert Card in the middle of the table so that everyone can see it
  • Your opponent whose turn it is to bid may then ask what the bid means, after which you may remove the Alert Card

*    The bidding (cards or written) must stay on the table until the opening lead is made

*    The opening lead should be made face down

*    The opponents may ask questions about the bidding before the opening lead is faced

*    Put down the dummy, properly arranged: trumps on Dummy’s right, high cards at the top, enough space behind to put played cards

*    Cards played stay face up until the leader to next trick turns hers over


Under no circumstances enter into an argument with your partner or opponents!!

  • Try to avoid giving any unauthorised information by your body language.
  • While your partner may not draw inferences from this, the opponents may (and will!)
  • Do not detach a card from your hand before it is your turn to play
  • Do not rearrange your hand during the play if you become void in a suit.
  • Above all, be courteous and enjoy!

Pink Ribbon thank you

On the 25th of July the Pink Ribbon breakfast was hugely successful event. The excellent breakfast was sponsored and superbly served by Lisa Blake.  The fashion parade sponsored by Joy of Botany Downs “Taking Shape” and modelled with style by Jess, Jane and KarenAngie and Chris provided lovely goodie bags and overall a team of helpers made it such a fun event.  This sociable breakfast held before our Wednesday bridge session raised about $2,800 for Pink Ribbon Research.