2018 May News Letter

Another newsletter, how time flies when you are having fun at bridge

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For your Calendar

ANRC Club Teams Competition        26 May
Queen’s Birthday Congress              2 - 4 June - sponsored by Taishan Building Group

Membership News

New Members

A very special welcome to new members – Anne Cooper and Mike Cooper

Database Changes

A big thank you to those who email in their changes in address, phone and email accounts.  It certainly helps with the communication channels.

 Congratulations for their NZ Bridge Awards

Life Master - Anthony Hopkins, Setsuko Lichtnecker;
Provincial master - Jeremy Hoskin-Fraser, Dave Garrett
Master - John O’Connor, Stephen Goodman, Tony Jiang, Julia Zhu
Local Master - Audrey Berman, Maureen Bray, Raoul Daroux, Jane Hayward, Lee Moselen, Takayo Yanagisawa
Club Master - Richard Doull, Jann Geddis, Darshani Jayasinghe, Sheena McCormack, Barbara Tokley
Certificate of Proficiency - Ian Bartram, Robert Bisacre, Camilla Dunand, Margaret Foote, Barbara Hodson, Jacque Jonson, Bronwyn MacKenzie, Sharon Prichard, Sue Wakelin, Murray Weatherston, Adrianne Webb, Wendy Williams

Well Done

Apologies for these late acknowledgements

Congratulations to Allan Morris, Chairperson of New Zealand Bridge.  Allan has given years of wonderful service to the Auckland Bridge Club is now working to the greater good of Bridge for all New Zealand. 

Congratulations to Douglas Russell.  His latest accomplishment is to be the non-playing captain of the New Zealand Youth team going to China

 Helper of the Month

This month it is to a member who quietly did a job that just needed doing.  We hope you appreciate the efforts to upgrade the cards in the bidding boxes and do your bid to keep them tidy!

Judith Chandler  for Upgrading all the bidding boxes 

Bridge Club Manager

Are you interested? – This vacancy has occurred as Clare resigned in April, as the position did not suit her. The position has been advertised but if you are interested in this position or know anyone who might be suitable contact Anne Barrowclough.

2018 April Club Results

April Pairs


Heather Robertson & Jan Bennett

Kensington Swan Teams S-A


Mark Robertson, Mike Dunn, John Khouri,
Sylvester Riddell, Owen Camp

April Pairs S-B


Neville Thomas & Brenda Shenken

April Pairs S-A


Douglas Russell & Tracey Lewis

April Pairs S-B


Mary Swaffield & Audrey Crowe

Bennett Cup


Sally Shentova & Robert Gibbons

Autumn Pairs


Russell Watt & Nola Clark

Tournament Results

April- May

North Shore 5A Swiss Pairs – 2nd Carol Joseph and Richard Stuart
Taupo 5A – 1st Carole & George Wilkinson.
Howick 8B restricted – 2nd Carol Joseph & Jan Brown
Hedgerow 8B – Russell Watt & Jo Clark
IP Trials
Intermediates:1st Candice Doyle and Karen Smith, 2nd Cheryl Parsons and Takayo Yanagisawa;
Women -  1st Linda Cartner and Glenis Palmer;
Seniors – 1st Barry Palmer and Neil Stuckey, 2nd Peter Hensman and John O’Connor

Eye Appeal

Room aesthetics - Next time you are at the club take a look at the rehung honours boards in the downstairs club room.  Thank you to Barbie who arranged for this to be done.

Hat Day

Bridge is fun..... on Monday 14 May we had wear a hat day as a way of honouring those of our members who are mothers.  It was nice to see those who read the programme book and participate in a bit of fun.  I tried to photograph as many members as I could but i must apologise to those I did not manage to snap or take an okay photo.  There is a separate link on the website to see a photogallery.

An interesting hand

Thank you to John Khouri who has submitted this.  We welcome articles for the newsletter from members.  Email to abc.membership@xtra.co.nz

Occasionally and not very often, does one make a brilliant play at the table which works! The following hand was played on a club night and illustrates how a devious and deceptive play can be suitably rewarded.











The contract was a very optimistic 3NT, played by South. Can it be made? If so, what is the plan?  
Fortunately, South received a good start when West lead the QC.

With the diamond suit wide open, the contract looked doomed.  However South managed to make the contract by winning the QC with the AC and then playing a spade to the Ace in hand.

Next a club was lead towards dummy.  West played a low club and the 8C won.

Then South played the JD from dummy, East rising with the QD and West played a low diamond!!

East then played the KD and the AD fell, revealing the diamond position. All South then had to do, to make the contract, was to keep East off lead by playing the 10H after winning the next trick in dummy.

The play of the low diamond by West seems reasonable.  It looks like South has something like 9xxx – why else would they be playing on the diamond suit?  

So the moral of this story is “If you sometimes play like an idiot, it can work in your favour !!” 

Sponsors Corner

Thank you to Hedgerow of Remuera for sponsoring our May Thursday tournament