2018 March Newsletter

Another newsletter, how time flies when you are having fun at bridge

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  • For your calendar
  • Farewell to Debbie, Club Manager
  • Congratulations and Warm Welcome
  • Membership News
  • Education Update
  • Club Highlights
  • PLease return trophies
  • Club Results
  • Tournament Results
  • From the Director

For your Calendar

Easter Congress - Sponsored by 7 St Vincent & Remuera House of Travel    31 Mar – 2 Apr

Anzac 8B Pairs                               25 April

Farewell to Debbie, Club Manager

On 2 March Deborah Tangney left after managing the Auckland Bridge Club for 4 years.  We thanked Debbie for her excellent contribution to the running of the club and she left with a lovely watch from the club. We were all sad to see Debbie leave the team but wish her all the best in her overseas adventures


SGM this meeting held on the 2nd of March which ratified the committee’s decision that Murray Weatherston become club president.  

Warm Welcome

New Club Manager  after the detailed announcement of the appointment of Clare Wade, we welcomed Clare to the club on Monday 12 March.

Membership News

New Members

A very special welcome to new and returning members - Marg Morgan, Oliver Hoffman, Sue Hujlich, Clare Doole, Judy Hart, Karen More, Rob Clark, Heather Malcouronne, Jill Patterson, Serena Ha (Youth), Wayne Smith, Bruce Forbes, Marianne Forbes, Michael Stacey, John Matthews, Desré Simpson, Robyn Spottiswood, Christine Bryan-Wells, Mary Chamberlain, Ming Zhu, Liz Barrett, Els MacKenzie, Lachie Shea

Passed Away

Sadly, we said farewell to - Patrick Bell, Jean Brenton, Lorraine MacGibbon

Well Done - New Zealand Bridge certificates

Silver Grand Master -Douglas Russell

Grand Master – Rosemary Matskows

Helper of the Month

This month it is to a member who quietly did a job that just needed doing.

 Wayne Smith                        Club Pride,    Cleaning Outside signage



 2018 Beginner Lessons started 5 March. We are particularly thrilled to have a very large beginners starting their bridge journey


Club Highlights

November 2017

Sunday afternoon bingo thank you to Chris and Angie Fitzgerald who put a lot of effort into a fun pre-Christmas fundraiser.  The afternoon was enjoyed by many.

December – January 2017

Repainting of the interior of the club rooms – Over the Christmas break the painters came in and refreshed the whole interior of the club rooms.  A refreshed cream interior with accent trim on doors and door frames.  The old noticeboards were taken down and replaced with new noticeboards.

Please return trophies

If you have a club trophy at home can you return it to the club office so that it can be engraved with you and your partners name.

2018 Club Results

January Pairs


Jan Brown & Brett Hart

January Pairs A


Russell Watt & Brent Mandel

January Pairs B


Suzie Bosher & Bruce Wright

January Pairs A


Elaine Fisher & Bruce Fisher

January Pairs B


Jaqui Furniss & Annie Satterthwaite

January Pairs


Jessica Morris & Robin Topham

January Pairs


Carol Joseph & Nicky Bowers

January Pairs A


Susan Horn & Trudy Lange

January Pairs B


Barbara Hayes & Joan Beagle

February Pairs


Heather Robertson & Wayne Smith

February Pairs A


Trudy Lange & Brent Mandel

February Pairs B


Christine Bryan-Wells & Jill Benton

February Pairs A


Liz Ware & Carol Joseph

February Pairs B


Sue Sunberg & Annie Satterthwaite

February Pairs 4


Ian Handricks & John Wilson

February Pairs


Mark Robertson & Sylvester Riddell

February Pairs A


Alma Kwan & Birgita Muller

February Pairs B


Foss Dodds & Terry Melhuish

February Pairs


Gay Bradbury & Margaret Harkness

Tournament Results


Thursday 8B teams won by Team Bach – Peer Bach, Carlos Pelligrini, Michael & Vivien Cornell

Orewa 5B Open 1st Leslie Watt & Cheryl Winsor, 3rd Russell Watt & Jo Clark


Waiheke 8B Restricted -  1st Peer Bach & Lanell Monreal, 2nd Anna Powell & Dave Garrett

Interclub winnersJunior: Auckland Force – Judy Aldridge, Judy Burrows, Moyra Cooke & Rachel Lewis.  Intermediate: – Waiheke Sharks & Open: – Team Watt – Auckl& - Russell & Leslie Watt, Bev & Alan Morris
East Coast Bays Restricted 8B – 1st Peer Bach & Heather Robertson, 3rd Tracey Lewis & Nick Edginton
Rawhiti 8B Thursday tournament Stan Abrahams & John O’Connor
Winner of Colbeck Cup – points for the 2017 year of 8B tournaments Barry Palmer

Hibiscus Coast 3A 2nd Douglas Russell & Wayne Benefield,3rd John O’Connor & Jeremy Fraser-Hoskin

Hibiscus Coast 5B – 3rd Sharon Marryatt & Carol Joseph Club Restricted. 1st Tracey Lewis & Jeremy Fraser-Hoskin


Babich Holiday Pairs – &i Boughey & Matthew Brown

Waitemata 5A  2nd Christine Wilson & Wayne Benefield, 3rd Patrick Carter & Carol Richardson

Canberra – Julia Zhu & Tony Jiang – 2nd in Restricted Teams & 2nd in Restricted Swiss Pairs;
Graham Wakefield & partner 1st N/S Overall in Men’s Pairs


Waitangi Day 8B Pairs, Colbeck Cup – Steve Boughey & Matthew Brown

Bell Taylor 5A Pairs, sponsored by Sibuns Funeral Services 1st – Bruce Bell Salver - John Wang & Hank Ping, 1st ladies pair – Eileen Taylor Salver Linda Cartner & Steph Jacob

Orewa 8B Pairs, 2nd Patrick Carter & Lee McGovern

Papakura 5B Pairs – 2nd Ming High & Jan Brown, 3rd Angie & Chris Fitzgerald

Gold Coast Restricted Pairs finals

14th Sue Cohen & Karen Smith 15th= Nicky Bowers & Joy Watkinson


Thursday 7St Vincent 8B – 1st Julia Zhu & Geo Tislevoll
East Coast Bays 3A – 1st Neil & Mike Stuckey

East Coast Bays 5B Intermediate –  1st Candice Doyle & Karen Smith,

From the Director

New System Club points for annual session trophies.

On the recommendation of Director Patrick, the Committee has adopted a new system for calculating club points for the annual session trophies

  1.  Where a session is played in two sections, if there is only one trophy, points will be awarded only for Section A
  2. Pairs competitions – for both Howell and Mitchell competitions, points will be awarded to each member of the pairs with the top 6 scores in each session (irrespective of seating) on a 6-5-4-3-2-1 basis. [This means 42 Club points will be awarded each session]
  3. Teams events
    • If the event is run on an IMPS pairs basis, session points will be awarded as for Pairs above.
    • Otherwise, club points will be awarded to each member of the teams who score the four highest VP scores for the session on a 4-3-2-1 basis. [This means a total of 40 Club points will be awarded each such session.

These new rules will be applied as from 1 January 2018.

 It is felt that this new system is much fairer from week to week. Previously team events had a significant higher weight.

It is recognised that the it is theoretically possible that in any session, the pairs methodology could result in all points in a particular session going to N/S pairs and no points to E/W pairs (or vice versa). However we expect statistics will prevails and both those would be rare circumstances and over the course of the year we would expect N/S points to be close to the same as E/W points in aggregate.

We intend to publish running scores for these trophies regularly, but as yet the mechanism for calculation is being finalised