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System Cards

Make sure you have Adobe reaRer Version XI (eleven +) on your computer --- it won't work with earlier versions.

Take your pick from the System Card examples below, and add your own personal touches. It works if you download the card onto your computer and then use Adobe Reader XI or better to do your updates.

Some tips from unfortunate experiences with the card are:

  • Do not forget to save your work
  • When editing your card, if you want to delete a text entry such as "3D 6+ points" pressing the DELETE/BACKSPACE key does not have an effect: you need to make a change by entering a space instead of the text in order to cancel text in a box
  • If you want fancy symbols for suits then the !S [exclamation mark then S without a space] makes a ♠, !H makes a ♥, etc...

NZB10 - Start up ACOL System Card Learners .pdf
NZB11 - ACOL System Card Basic Template .pdf
NZB12 - ACOL System Card Advanced Template .pdf
NZB13 - Standard American System Card Basic Template .pdf
NZB14 - Standard American System Card Advanced Template .pdf

System cards provided by NZ Bridge. You need a System Card when competing in A or B point events.

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