Upcoming Events

Partial club re-open, see Home page. We also offer regular online bridge: please click RealBridge.
Upcoming Events

🠶Twelve hands with David Bird online Friday 15th July at 7pm.  Play 12 hands then David Bird will join the post mortem and group discussion.  Please pre-enter so we can determine the platform for the post mortem.  Enter for yourself and your partner, but we should be able to match you up with a partner if you are single.  $10 per person.  Register here (you will need to create a free visitor account first if you don't already have a Hello Club account).

🠶Bridge Across the Ditch  online on Tuesday 12th July at 2.00pm. Our club will play against the North Shore Club in Sydney. 30 boards, 2 sections: Open & Intermediate/Juniors.  Pre-entry by Sat, 9th July required.   Flyer

Register here:    Open Section       Intermediate/Junior Section

Entrants List:  Here

Posted: Wed 15 Jun 2022