Social Distance Teams June month event

The Club is closed. AKBC runs multiple online tournaments daily on BBO, and a Teams event over each calendar month. To donate your money to Auckland Bridge Club please pay ANZ Remuera 01 0258 0010388 00: please don't hold back!  To add yourself to our mailing list click here.

Social Distance Teams June month event

The Auckland Bridge Club will continue to run a monthly Teams event for as long as it is necessary, or for as long as it can afford to do so.  The previous event attracted 276 players and we hope to repeat the success. Donations to AKBC, a registered chaity, are welcome and much needed: details at the end of this page.  

The event for the calendar month of June kicks off on with the draw publication on 31st May on the front page of the Auckland Bridge Club website Players should note the special importance of BBO alerting rules which are different to NZ rules.

We are taking entries for teams of 4, 5 and 6 players now.  You are expected to play six or seven entries in June, or nearly two a week. Entries close Friday 29th May.  Entries by email to providing the following details of your team:-

Captain Name
Captain telephone
Captain email
Captain BBO name

Player 2 Name
Player 2 BBO name

Player 3 Name
Player 3 BBO name

Player 4 Name
Player 4 BBO name

Entries already made, and other info, are on page Social Distance Teams. Please check your entries. The rules and draw will be published on that page in late May.

The first Social Distancing teams was successful because matches involved teams who were broadly competitive with each other. However nobody wants to keep playing the same teams over and over again. For that reason the Social Distance Monthly Ladder will move higher and lower placed teams between the groups each month to minimise playing the same teams too often.

This competition will start by ranking participating teams. Those teams that played the in the first Social Distancing Teams will be ranked according to their final positions in that event. If any new teams want to join the competition then those will be slotted into whatever position on the list that the Director feels is most appropriate.  Ranking decisions by the Director, Patrick Carter patricck are final and correspondence is not encouraged.

We suggest donations of $50 per team to ANZ Remuera 01 0258 0010388 00. Remember to put your name as a transfer reference. If you require a receipt for tax purposes, please email .

We are very grateful for contributions to date including $4,500 from NZ Bridge. AKBC spends about $5,000 a month on rates, secuity, depreciation, professional fees and various licneces but NOT COUNTING the salaries of our four staff, where of course the government's Wage Subsidy has been essential.

Posted: Fri 01 May 2020