Road works in Armadale Road HAVE STARTED

Road works in Armadale Road HAVE STARTED

We understand that one or both (entrance and exit) will be closed by the impending road works.  We won't know until work begins.

The roadworks will also impact on street parking around the club.

While access to the club can be from the Remuera Road gate:

  1. there is a road safety issue when members leave during peak traffic times
  2. it will mean no parking down the drive or on the yellow dotted lines, ie. fewer car parks on site

We ask all club members to be patient and co-operative during the disruptions

Other options maybe:

  1. Car pooling
  2. public transport - bus stop is just outside the club rooms
  3. sharing a taxi may be an option for some members

Posted: Tue 18 Sep 2018