Breaking News - New Club Manager appointed

Breaking News - New Club Manager appointed

The Board is delighted to announce that we have just concluded negotiations with Clare Wade who will be joining as our new Club Manager, part time on various weekdays. Luckily for us, Clare is available to start immediately on Monday next, 12 March.

Debbie leaves behind a Club in good heart as she departs for her long-deferred OE. We thank Debbie for her commitment to Auckland Bridge Club. Debbie was a strong advocate for the introduction of the tablets. The recent interior painting has improved the ambience of the clubrooms, membership has stabilised, and the most recent Beginners Class had   over 70 new enrollees!  Clare is one of them!

 Clare has a strong background in business and membership organisations, which is why the Board selected her. We want Clare to put special emphasis on our club performance including promotion, sponsorship and grants, as well as making sure the club functions well.

In recent years, Clare has been a Charitable Trust General Manager for the Catholic Caring Foundation. She has been a long-standing consultant to businesses on their performance, growth and general HR matters. She has successfully led her own Recruitment and HR consulting business for many years, and this included a recent contract with another large society, the Auckland Chamber of Commerce. Clare assisted their business members on direct improvement and HR guidance. Her earlier career years were spent in banking and accounting after completing a B Com.

You might have noted that I have referred to us as the Board rather than Committee. The Constitution calls us a Committee. But we have committed to act as a Governance Board concentrating on strategy and high-level policy matters. What this means is that we will give day to day management responsibility and authority within defined limits to the Club Manager who will report to the Board through the President.  Clare will be responsible for managing all staff (except Patrick who will continue to report directly to the Board) and contractors.

Please make yourself known to Clare and make her feel welcome. She is keen to meet you all in due course. The Board asks that you try not to bombard her too much at this point. We want to give her space and time to come to grips with the many facets of her position; then she and the team can get on with delivering on the Club’s goals.  

I wish you continued enjoyment of our great game and friendships at our Club.

Kind regards.

Murray Weatherston


8 March 2018.

Posted: Fri 09 Mar 2018